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vicktory dogs

Dog’s Best Day: Cherry the Vicktory Dog’s Story

By Jessie McDowell

Cherry is a Vicktory dog rescued from horrific circumstances in a dog-fighting ring. Best Friends Animal Society helped rehabilitate these dogs. Cherry is now a perfect family dog who gives back by teaching young children in schools about compassion and animal rescue! For that, and the incredible journey Cherry took, we gave him the best day of his life. Watch Cherry cuddle with kittens, get a day at the beach, get treated to snacks and pampering, and even more surprises!

easy walk harness headcollar

Is a Harness or Headcollar Right for Your Dog?

By Jessie McDowell

Is the Easy Walk® Harness or the Gentle Leader® Headcollar the right walking tool for your dog? Watch this video comparison to find an easier way to walk your dog.

pet dehydration skin test

Is Your Pet Dehydrated? Try These Simple Tests

By Jessie McDowell

Your pet's skin and gums give you clues to how hydrated and healthy your pet is. 

dog park contest

More Dog Parks, More Fun with New Bark For Your Park™ Grants

By Justin Young

This year we're giving away over $250,000 in grant prizes to communities across the country. The new PetSafe Bark For Your Park Grant Program will give awards to 25 communities: five $25,000 prizes to help build new dog parks, ten $10,000 prizes to enhance existing dog parks, and ten $5,000 prizes to maintain existing dog parks. Watch the video to learn how you can get your community barking to apply for a grant for your very own dog park!

tennis ball launcher for dogs

How to Have the Best Game of Fetch Ever

By Justin Young

The new Automatic Ball Launcher makes it easy for your dog to play fetch anytime and anywhere. Let your dogs chase the ball to their heart's content at home, in the yard, or at the park.

Preventing Pet Holiday Accidents

By Jessie McDowell

Keep your home and your pets safe this holiday season with pet proofing mats, barriers, and sprays.

How to Keep Pets at a Healthy Weight for the Holidays

Holiday time means more treats for people and their pets, and when your pet's routines change for travel, family time, and holiday activities, mealtimes can get hectic. Did someone remember to feed Fluffy? Is Fido begging for yet another snack? Keep it simple with a pet feeder for automatic meals and easy portion control.