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5 Reasons to Stay Out of the Pet E.R. This Summer
By Tony Johnson

Watch out for the top 5 summertime threats to your pet that I have seen and treated in my 17 years as an emergency vet.

Fruit & Veggie Treats for Dogs & Cats
By Patrick Mahaney

Looking for safe, healthy pet snacks? Check the fruit and vegetable drawer in your fridge. Save money and keep your pet healthier.

Cat Body Language 101
By Meredith Stepita

Learning to read cat body postures can decrease your cat's stress and may even save your cat's life.

Pets, Parasites, & People: What Do You Need to Know?
By Denise Piaskowski

Did you know that some parasites can be transferred from pets to people? Find out how to keep you and your pet from getting infected by roundworm or hookworm.

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