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Charlotte Higgins, CVT, VTS

Charlotte Higgins, CVT, VTS

Charlotte Higgins is a certified veterinary technician who specializes in the area of nutrition. She has been a CVT for 18 years and developed an interest in veterinary nutrition soon after beginning work at The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital. Charlotte has authored many articles on nutrition for professional veterinary magazines and on-line publications. She has lectured extensively and taught continuing education courses on-line. Charlotte is a founding member of the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians.

Articles by This Author

best pet treats
Trick or Treat? How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Your Pet

If you are like most people, you love to give treats to your dog or cat. And most pets love to get them! Giving treats is one way to bond with your pets and show your love for them. But just like people, sometimes pets can overindulge. As a pet nutritionist, here are my recommendations for avoiding pet obesity and treating your pet in moderation.

What food is best for my pet?
How Can I Choose the Best Food for My Pet?

Your pet is a part of your family. So, when it comes to choosing a food, you want the very best. But there are so many different options! How can you be sure to choose a high quality food? Here are a few key questions that any high quality pet food manufacturer should be able to answer.

raw food pet diet
Raw Food Diets: What You Need to Know

One of the hottest pet food topics in recent years is raw food diets. When it comes to the subject of raw diets, people have very strong opinions. They are either for them or against them. Both sides are very passionate. But when it comes to the health of your dog or cat, you don't want to take any chances. If you're thinking about feeding your pet a raw diet, you will need some facts, and you'll need to know the risks.

dog feeding schedule
Create a Simple Feeding Schedule for Your Dog

Is your dog waiting at the door for you to come home every day? How does he know that you are just about to walk through the door? Most dogs seem to have a natural sense of time. Setting up a feeding schedule for them just makes sense, and it can help prevent obesity, accidents, and health issues.

My Dog Eats So Fast! Is That a Problem?

How are your dog's table manners? Is he a "Gobbling Gus" or a "Dainty Danny?" Some dogs are simply more enthusiastic about food than others. Some dogs are nibblers; they eat a few bites at a time, then they're off to more exciting activities. Other dogs are gobblers. They devour their meal as soon as the bowl has touched the floor. It makes you wonder if they even taste what they're eating! Do your dog's eating habits really matter?

Can You Really Cook Food for Your Dog?

For many people, feeding their dog means a quick trip to the pet store to pick up a bag of kibble. Most people feed their dog a commercial canned or dry food. Simple and convenient. But for a growing number of people, feeding their dog means preparing food in their own kitchen. Learn about why you should consider cooking your dog's food at home and where to find nutritional recipes from trusted sources.

Is It a Good Idea to Cook Homemade Dog Food for My Dog?

Have you ever thought about home cooking for your dog? If you have, you are not alone. More and more, people have decided to make their own pet food. And many more are seriously considering it. Why this new trend? Is it a good idea? Commercial diets are more convenient to use, cheaper, and nutritionally more consistent. So why would anyone want to go through the trouble and expense of cooking for their dog when there are so many commercially prepared foods readily available?

Organic, Gluten-Free, & Natural Pet Foods: What Do They All Mean?

You'll find lots of terms on many pet food labels today. What do these words really mean? Do they really provide better nutrition? Or is it all just marketing?

Should I Give My Pet a Nutritional Supplement?

Dietary supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry. You may be taking a vitamin or dietary supplement yourself. But does that mean that your dog or cat should too?

My Pet Has a Food Allergy?

It started with a little scratching now and then. But now your dog is incredibly itchy. You use flea control year round and your other pets aren't scratching at all. What could the problem be?

Feeding Multiple Cats

Do you have a skinny cat and a chubby cat? Read this guide to feeding multiple cats and keeping them at a healthy weight.

How to Feed Your Dog from Puppyhood through His Senior Years

When commercial dog food was first introduced in the early 1900s, the choices were very limited. Today there are so many options! You may wonder what the differences really are.