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Wag More, Bark Less: Natural Ways to Stop Barking

By Meredith Stepita

Dog barking can be a big headache and major nuisance. In some areas you can even be fined for your dog barking excessively and disrupting your neighbors. To successfully keep your pooch calm and collected, you first need to understand why he's barking. Try these training methods to help your dog learn he doesn't need to bark so often.

How Much Is Too Much Barking?

By Audrey Pavia

You come home from work and find a note on your door from your next-door neighbor about your dog's barking. How do you know if your neighbor is just being too sensitive? Isn't barking normal for a dog?

Why Do Dogs Bark at Night?

By Audrey Pavia

Walk through any neighborhood at night and you'll hear it: the sound of barking dogs. Why does your dog bark when the sun goes down, even to the point of keeping you and your neighbors awake?

PetSafe Is Proud to Present the AutoTrainer!

By PetSafe Guest

Introducing the new way to teach your dog to stop barking with an automatic treat dispenser.

barking dog home alone

I’m Proud to Introduce the Bark and Activity Counter!

By PetSafe Guest

What’s Fido doing while you’re gone? Sleeping? Barking at the mailman? Running from room to room? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your dog is up to?

10 Translated Barks: Know What Your Dog Is Saying

By PetSafe Guest

When your dog barks, what is he trying to tell you? Read about the 10 most common kinds of dog barks and what they mean.

barking problem

5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems: Barking

By PetSafe Guest

 There is nothing unusual about dogs barking. After all, they are dogs. Some barking is good. We want them to bark to warn us of danger or protect us. It isn’t the general barking that can frustrate us, it is when the barking becomes excessive. ‘Excessive’ can also mean different things to different people. I can put up with some barking, but I also have a tolerance threshold.Generally speaking, your dog needs to understand when it is alright to bark and when he needs to be quiet.