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Pit Bulls Aren’t Scary

By Stacy Hackett

What do you picture when you hear the term "pit bull"? In today's culture, it seems those words have come to represent an aggressive, bad-tempered dog, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The dog breeds that can be considered "pit bulls" (as there is no single "pit bull" breed) represent some of the hardest working, most loyal animals in the dog world. Here are 5 myths about pit bulls and the real story about these dogs.

Black Cat Syndrome: Fact or Myth?

By Stacy Hackett

Do black cats and dogs get passed over at animal shelters in favor of their more colorful counterparts? It's a theory based on anecdotal evidence, a phenomenon vouched for by veteran shelter staff, and the impetus for special "black cat" and "black dog" adoption events. But is it true?

Breed Info: Poodle Hybrids

By Jim Tedford

Thinking of adding a poodle mix to yoyur home? Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of these breeds.

Mutts vs. Purebred Dogs

By Patrick Mahaney

Should you rescue a mutt or buy a purebred? Are you in love with scruffy beards or mushed faces? Learn about how to choose the pet who's right for you.

Celebrate National Mutt Day!

By PetSafe Guest

Sometimes you won’t know a dog’s history when you adopt him, and there are plenty of products that can help make the transition go well.

Breed All About It: Persians & Exotic Shorthairs

By Roslyn McKenna

Why do so many people love flat-faced cats and all of the snoring, snorting, and wheezing that comes along with their tiny noses?

Breed All About It: Terriers

By Jim Tedford

By Jim Tedford, Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and AlliancesThough Jim is pictured here with his two labs Bodie and Sam, he is really a Terrier guy. How did he end up with two labs then? He says it's really simple - his wife is a Labrador Retriever person. In the world of animal lovers we...