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cat breed exotic shorthair

Breed All About It: British & Exotic Shorthair

By Stacy Hackett

Have you ever wondered where Lewis Carroll drew his inspiration for the Cheshire Cat in his beloved book, "Alice in Wonderland"? Or what happens when you cross a Persian with an American Shorthair? Learn about the British Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds and find out if they're the right match for you!

himalayan persian cats

Breed All About It: Himalayans & Persians

By Stacy Hackett

Year after year, the Persian tops the list of the most popular cat breeds. Why? This cat's adorable face, combined with her lovely long hair and sweet, mild personality, create an irresistible feline package that makes many people fall in love immediately. And while at first glance the Himalayan may look just like a Persian, look past his smooshed "pansy" face and his long flowing hair to his brilliant blue eyes and pointed coat. This sweet cat has just enough Siamese in his background to make him just a bit different from his Persian cousin.

Black Cat Syndrome: Fact or Myth?

By Stacy Hackett

Do black cats and dogs get passed over at animal shelters in favor of their more colorful counterparts? It's a theory based on anecdotal evidence, a phenomenon vouched for by veteran shelter staff, and the impetus for special "black cat" and "black dog" adoption events. But is it true?

Celebrate National Mutt Day!

By PetSafe Guest

Sometimes you won’t know a dog’s history when you adopt him, and there are plenty of products that can help make the transition go well.

Breed All About It: Persians & Exotic Shorthairs

By Roslyn McKenna

Why do so many people love flat-faced cats and all of the snoring, snorting, and wheezing that comes along with their tiny noses?