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how to find pet-friendly apartment

Renting with Pets

By Four Paws Handbook

Most of us have been tenants at some point in our lives and know the challenge of a “no pets allowed” rental policy. Finding a rental house or apartment for both you and your pet can take time and effort. If you plan ahead for your move, understand your landlord’s point of view, and equip your cat or dog with a resume (yes, a resume), the search for a new home can be easier.

7 Winter Weather Pet Care Tips

By Amy Shojai

As I write this, snow flurries dance outside my office window, while my 20-year-old cat, Seren, curls up on a blanket on the desk under the lamp's warm glow. Magical-Dawg adores playing outside in cold weather, but could easily overdo if I didn't limit outdoor excursions. It's not just about the cold and potential for frostbite or hypothermia. Winter also means indoor furnaces that dry skin, burn risks from fireplace use, and toxic antifreeze under vehicles. So how do you keep your special pets safe from winter's danger?

What Your Cat Wants from You

By Stacy Hackett

Cats communicate with meows less often with other cats and most often with humans, particularly those they live with as pets and companions. Why? Cats have learned that humans respond to meows, chirps, trills, and other feline vocalizations. And the meows one cat uses with his family may not be the same as those the cat down the street uses with her family. But just what is your cat trying to tell you?

5 Steps to a Healthy New Year

By Justin Young

Did you start off the year making a resolution to live a healthier life? If so, you're not alone. As you take control of your health, make sure your pet is leading a healthy lifestyle, too. Make this a resolution you keep with this checklist for your pet's health.

What Should I Do If My Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

By Meredith Stepita

Dogs with separation anxiety panic when left alone. Common signs include going to the bathroom in the house, destruction, barking, whining, howling, and even hurting themselves. Once diagnosed, treatment with extensive behavior modification and sometimes anti-anxiety medications can lead to successful management of the problem. When separation anxiety is severe, be prepared for treatment to take many months.

8 Things to Ask to Find the Best Pet Sitter

By Amy Shojai

Are pet sitters right for your fur kids? Each year as the holidays approach, pet parents consider their options about vacation plans. While time off from work and routine offers people some stress release and fun times, our pets don't always feel the same way. And if our dogs and cats aren't happy, we can't relax and enjoy our vacation, either. Preparing for your pets' comfort during your vacations gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time free from worries. After all the joy they bring you throughout the year, don't your cats and dogs deserve happy howl-adays, too?

How Can Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Help Shelter Pets?

By Jessie McDowell

Still have a few gifts left on your shopping list? We've got the perfect gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers left on your list. The best part? You'll be helping spread some holiday cheer to pets in need. For every gift purchased from our Naughty or Nice Pet Present Guide, we'll donate a toy to an animal shelter.