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How an Automatic Litter Box Can Stop House Soiling

By Amy Shojai

A normal adult cat on average visits the litter box to make a deposit about 5 times a day. The amount of waste multiplies and makes cleaning a greater chore when you have more than one cat. Some years ago when I traveled a great deal for work, I became a fan of automatic litter boxes in part because my husband wasn't always as faithful at scooping.

Safety Indoors and Out with Pet Doors & Wireless Containment

By Tony Johnson

Really, a pet door is freedom. And if pet doors are freedom, then a wireless containment system is peace of mind. Put them together, and suddenly, you've got more than you expected and the world is a better place, and full of benefits for you and your pets.

Dealing with Door-Dashing Cats

By Amy Shojai

Providing a dog door works great to offer your canine companion access to his outdoor toilet when you can't let him out. But how do keep the cat from using the same door?

Keep Your Deaf Dog Safe

By PetSafe Guest

To begin, I’d like to say emphatically that living with and training a deaf dog isn't harder than with a hearing dog, it's just different, primarily for us. For deaf dogs, especially for those born deaf, it's just life as usual.

5 Steps to Litter Box Train Cats

By Amy Shojai

New pet parents sometimes assume cats know how to use the litter box. But not all felines understand potty rules. Allowing a cat to make a mess isn't fair to her, or to the carpet!It can be a challenge to fix litter box lapses because the scent of the mistake lures cats to repeat the offense....

Can Cats Use Dog Doors?

By Amy Shojai

While dog doors typically give access to the back yard, there are multiple ways a pet door benefits Kitty. Think outside the cat box and use a pet door to manage your multi-pet household and potential behavior issues.

Litter Boxes in Multi-Cat Homes

By Amy Shojai

As a certified animal behavior consultant, the #1 complaint I get from cat owners involves litter box woes. We expect our cats to come programmed to use their feline potty at the right time and the right place, but a cat's idea about the perfect litter box may not agree with the human's. Refer to these basic litter-ary FAQs to create and maintain litter box allegiance, whether you have one cat or a kitty clowder along with dogs.