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5 Fun Outdoor Activities for You & Your Dog

By Justin Young

With temperatures rising and daylight lasting longer, there are plenty of reasons to have some outdoor fun. What better way to ring in spring than with an adventure for you and your pet? Here are 5 outdoor activities to do with your dog.

Bark for Your Park Phase 2

By Jessie McDowell

Your town has been working to build votes and rally the community around the contest to win a local dog park. What comes next for Phase 2?

Don’t Forget to Bark for Your Park

By Jessie McDowell

Having trouble remembering to vote for your city every day? Download our doggy phone, desktop, and tablet backgrounds as your daily reminder to vote!

Get Ready for Bark for Your Park 2015

By Jessie McDowell

Over 54 million homes have dogs, but not all of these dogs have a place for these dogs to just be dogs. That's why every year, we help 5 communities build dog parks with our annual Bark for Your Park contest.

Get Ready to Bark in 2015!

By PetSafe Guest

Get ready for the Bark For Your Park contest in 2015!

Bark for Your Park: What’s Next?

By PetSafe Guest

What's next for the Bark For Your Park contest in 2015?

The Making of a Most Pet Friendly Community

By Jessie McDowell

 In 2011, Knoxville was chosen as the most pet friendly community in the Southeast by Dog Fancy magazine, and we have been working to defend our title ever since. Going to the dogs in your community can be easier than you think. With some tips, persistence and plenty of puppy passion, your...