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dog spleen removal surgery

My Dog Needs a Spleen Removal! Is That Bad?

By Gretchen Statz

The spleen is an organ whose job is to filter the blood and remove old red blood cells. It is also plays a role in the immune system. This article discusses some of the common diseases in dogs that require removal of the spleen (splenectomy).

raw food pet diet

Raw Food Diets: What You Need to Know

By Charlotte Higgins

One of the hottest pet food topics in recent years is raw food diets. When it comes to the subject of raw diets, people have very strong opinions. They are either for them or against them. Both sides are very passionate. But when it comes to the health of your dog or cat, you don't want to take any chances. If you're thinking about feeding your pet a raw diet, you will need some facts, and you'll need to know the risks.

pet pain management

Recent Advances in Pain Management in Dogs

By David Haworth

Believe it or not, it wasn't very long ago that pain relievers for animals were discouraged. Even when I was in veterinary school 20 years ago, there were some faculty members who taught that relieving pain in our patients would encourage them to move too much and re-injure themselves. These professors weren't monsters; they were operating with the best intentions and teaching us the best medicine that they knew. Luckily for all of us, this field has changed dramatically for the better. Your pet now can enjoy the same level of pain control that you or I can.

bad dog breath

How to Fight Bad Pet Breath

By Stacy Hackett

You love spending time with your pet, snuggling on the couch, giving him hugs, maybe even leaning your cheek against his--until he turns his face toward yours and you get a big whiff of his breath. Whew! Why does his breath smell so bad, and how can you make it smell sweeter? In almost all cases, bad breath in dogs and cats indicates that something is amiss with your pet's health.

cat probiotics

Probiotics & IBD in Cats

By David Haworth

These bacteria turn out to be good for cats - and bad things happen without them.

Arthritis Pain in Cats

Meow, That Hurts! Diagnosing Arthritis Pain in Cats

By David Haworth

The tendency to hide any sign of pain is a trait domestic cats inherited from their wild counterparts. Pain can be a component of many cat diseases, including arthritis, so how can we tell when our feline friends might be suffering from this condition?

pet dental toys and treats

Making Sense of Dental Care Toys & Treats

By Tony Johnson

When you go into the dental aisle at your local pet retailer, you're faced with a whole host of choices. Toys, specially-designed treats and dental appliances like toothbrushes and dental wipes are all vying for you attention - and your dollar. So which of these are worth the effort, and which are just hype? Read on to help make some sense of the issue.