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Help Your Pets Have a Safer Holiday

By Amy Shojai

Holidays should be a joyful time for your entire family, including the cats and dogs. Put yourself in your pets' "paws" when you decorate to help keep them happy and safe. When holiday decorations come out, the risk of dog and cat injury goes up. Pets explore their world by tasting, sniffing, chewing, climbing and pawing objects. They can turn your celebration decor into toys or treats that hurt them or even damage your home. Learn how to keep your two-legged and four-legged family members safe during the holidays.

Early Cancer Detection Gives Room for Hope

By David Haworth

Why is it that cancer tends to scare us more than any other disease? One friend of mine put it this way, "It's like the shark in the movie Jaws. You know it always might be there, but there's never a disturbance in the water until it shows its ugly head." I couldn't agree more. We are always more afraid of threats we can't see coming, even more so in our furry kids, because they can't or won't tell us when something is wrong.

Prevent Pet Poisoning

By Tony Johnson

Poisoning is a common reason for pets to make a trip to their local veterinary ER, especially around the holiday season. The National Animal Poison Control Center handled 180,000 cases of animal poisoning in 2013. Don't let your pet become a statistic. Read on to learn some of the more common poisonings that pets encounter plus specific tips on how to pet proof your home to prevent poisonings.

Canine Flu Prevention & Treatment

By David Haworth

In 2004, dog owners around the United States were alarmed by the discovery of a new canine influenza virus. The new virus quickly spread across the country, infecting thousands of dogs. The disease is now a problem in shelters and boarding facilities, where dogs are in close contact, but can affect any dog. The best way to protect your dog is to know more about this virus and what you can do to keep your dog healthy.

Oral Cancer Treatments for Cats

By David Haworth

Cancer in and around the mouth affects about 1 in 10 cats, making these some of the most common types of cancers in cats. Unfortunately, a high proportion of cat oral cancers are life-threatening, and survival times are short, even with therapy. Early detection of most cancer can improve outcomes and quality of life, and this is especially true of oral cancers in cats.

Safety Indoors and Out with Pet Doors & Wireless Containment

By Tony Johnson

Really, a pet door is freedom. And if pet doors are freedom, then a wireless containment system is peace of mind. Put them together, and suddenly, you've got more than you expected and the world is a better place, and full of benefits for you and your pets.

Dealing with Door-Dashing Cats

By Amy Shojai

Providing a dog door works great to offer your canine companion access to his outdoor toilet when you can't let him out. But how do keep the cat from using the same door?