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Introducing FroliCat® Pounce™

Just in time for the holidays, we at FroliCat launched a new cat toy!

The FroliCat POUNCE is a rotating hide-and-seek cat teaser.  Place POUNCE on the floor, turn it on and watch the hunt begin!  A mouse teaser, Marshal Maus™, moves unpredictably around the circular path zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles and occasionally twitching back and forth to stimulate your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, chase, and pounce on his prey!

You can customize Marshal Mouse motion on the FroliCat POUNCE by selecting from slow, medium, fast or variable speeds.   You can turn POUNCE on and it will automatically turns off after 1o minutes. POUNCE is fun for your cat and, as with all FroliCat toys, designed to look beautiful in your home.

FroliCat POUNCE is available for purchase through our website at www.petsafe.net. More about FroliCat Frolicat reinvented and redesigned the cat toy from top to bottom.  Creating the world's only award-winning, automatic cat entertainment device and beautiful home accessory, all in one. FroliCat- beautifully made and delightfully fun for you and your cat.

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