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Pet Hydration FAQs
By Stacy Hackett

Is it normal for your cat to drink from the faucet? Could it be bad for your dog to drink from the toilet? Get answers to frequently asked questions about your pet's behavior.

Unexpected Fountain Tips
By Jessie McDowell

Do you feel guilty when you spot your pet's empty water dish? Fill 'er up with fresh, filtered water. Read on for tips on keeping your pet healthy and your pet fountain in tip top shape.

Best Material for Your Pet’s Dish
By Patrick Mahaney

What kind of bowl does your pet use? Did you know the type of bowl could be affecting your pet's health?

Preventing Pet Dehydration
By Tony Johnson

Your pet needs to drink 1 ounce of water per 1 pound of body weight every day. If your pet doesn't drink enough water, the results can be disastrous. Learn how you can keep your pet healthy and prevent dehydration.

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