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pet dehydration skin test

Is Your Pet Dehydrated? Try These Simple Tests

By Jessie McDowell

Your pet's skin and gums give you clues to how hydrated and healthy your pet is. 

What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

By Jessie McDowell

Do you have long conversations with your cat? Try to do activities together like yoga? Check out this "crazy" cat mom. I bet you'll have a lot in common.

Lickety Stik® Treats

Make Treat Time More Enjoyable with Lickety Stik® Treats

By PetSafe Guest

Say goodbye to messy, high-calorie dog treats and give your dog a real treat: the Lickety Stik. This no muss, no fuss dog treat is not only mess free and easy to take with you on the go, it is also a very low calorie treat.