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Clicker Training Raptors & Other Animals

By Roslyn McKenna

You might be surprised to learn you can clicker train almost any animal, from mice, chickens, and butterflies to velociraptors.

How to Choose the Right Trainer

By Four Paws Handbook

Sometimes you need to leave it to the professionals. When you're not sure of the best way to train your dog, make sure you pick the right trainer or behaviorist.

Cold Weather is Here! Prepare Your Containment System and Pet Door

By Jessie McDowell

As winter sneaks up on us, our product experts put together a few tips to keep your containment system flawless and your pet door air-tight for cold weather.

Teach Your Dog With a Treat Dispenser

By Roslyn McKenna

You give a command, your pet gets a treat. Sounds easy, right?

Pet Tested, Owner Approved: The Train ‘n Praise

By PetSafe Guest

How can you keep your pet well behaved when you're not at home? It's easy with the Train 'n Praise!

Indoor Training Tips for Winter

By Michelle Mullins

I’ll bet you could use a change of pace! Training your pet can be just the thing you need.

how to train your cat

How to Train a Cat

By Roslyn McKenna

Roslyn has been training her cat, Lily, with the Clicker. Read on to learn about her experience and how you can train your kitty.