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PetSafe Bowls 2014

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications SpecialistThis dog is ready for some football with the Busy Buddy® Football by PetSafe!

This dog is ready for some football with the Busy Buddy® Football by PetSafe! 

There’s kind of a major sporting event coming up. You know, the one where you’re either watching for the commercials, the actual game, the half-time show or a combination of all three? You get your hot wings, strange cheese dips and enough carbohydrates to make you feel like you are made of flour.

While you prepare for your snacks and beverages, you could also find out about great ways to hydrate your pets!  The Lotus fountain is great for pets under 25 pounds! The Lotus fountain is great for pets under 25 pounds! 

Drinkwell® Lotus Fountain – If you want to check out a super deal for 2014, this great fountain is ON SALE for $39.99!

It can hold up to 50 ounces of freshly-filtered drinking water, and it is very convenient to clean due to its ceramic material. The Lotus is best used for pets under 25 pounds, and it’s great if you have a multiple cat household. Cats are often drawn to running water, and the streaming water that comes out of this can be enticing for them!

I’m sure your big game day parties don’t have an awesome fountain. Or maybe you have one and I am now very jealous. Anyway, make sure to check out our website for this super deal, and let us know what you think of your great new fountain!  The Spill-Less Smart Bowl® can help with your sloppy eaters/drinkers!

The Spill-Less Smart Bowl® can help with your sloppy eaters/drinkers

Spill-Less Smart Bowl® - Spilled drinks are never fun when you host your sporting event parties. It’s also not fun to have your dog sloppily slosh water all around your kitchen floor when he needs a drink.

If you have an uncoordinated dog like mine (his water drinking habits resembled a splash pad at a children’s attraction), the Spill-Less Smart Bowl® is a great solve. You have the option of a 32-ounce capacity, or a 60-ounce bowl for your larger pets.

This is also a great option for pets that travel with you often. You can set a bowl in a kennel during a car ride, and you won’t have a wet mess to clean when you arrive at your destination. Take it camping, or carry it with a water bottle if you are going on a long day hike. It’s lightweight, too, and very easy to clean.

Choose from purple, turquoise or blue, fill with water or food and let your dog start to look like a well-behaved debutant during drinks and meals.  Also, choose from three different sizes to fit the needs of your pet!

Healthy Pet Water Station – If you get tired of refilling your pet’s water dish multiple times a day, and don’t really like a bowl of stale water sitting out, the Healthy Pet Water Station is a great solve.You have the option of a 0.5 gallon water capacity, 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon for your pet.

One unique feature to this station is that you have the option to filter your pet’s water. This isn’t a soda pop bottle station with a plastic bowl that can get dirty easily. The removable stainless steel dish is great to pop in the dishwasher if needed, and the optional filter in this system is very easy to replace. Our website even has a sizing chart for how often you would need to refill each size of water station depending on the weight of your pet.

While at parties you may walk around filling cups with different beverages, this station allows for much less hassle when it comes to making sure your pet has plenty to drink! I hope that our readers all have a great time watching the big game, and that you all look into our different PetSafe bowls for 2014.

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I like the post - very informative. I like Spill-Less Smart Bowl, I bought it and I am very confident. Definitely recommend!

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