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These 7 Hotels & Restaurants Have Gone to the Dogs

By Audrey Pavia

Looking for a dog-friendly meal out or a hotel stay where you can actually bring your pup? Look no further than these 7 popular dog-friendly restaurants and hotels across the U.S. 

winter training & exercise tips

10 Indoor Exercises for Dogs This Winter

By Rosalee Kaschel

A tired dog is a good dog, but winter often makes it difficult to exercise outdoors with your dog. There is plenty you can do indoors to keep your pup zonked out. Plus many of these exercises have added long-term benefits. Try some of these top 10 ways to keep your dog entertained this winter.

Fun Toys for Bored Dogs

By Meredith Stepita

Many dogs are motivated by food, and many enrichment toys keep your dog's interest by dispensing food if he manipulates the toy in just the right way. Some dogs will even choose a food dispensing toy over food placed directly into their bowl! But where to start? There are so many food toys these days. It will take some trial and error to figure out which toy is best for your dog.

Toys Your Dog Can’t Destroy in Seconds

By Audrey Pavia

Some dogs are gentle with their toys, delicately carrying them around in their mouths and even sleeping with them. Other dogs are the complete opposite. The minute they get their mouths on a toy, the destruction begins. Their goal: demolish the object as quickly as possible. They rip out the squeaker, tear out the stuffing, and shred the material to pieces. Playing with toys is a vital way your dog can expend excess energy, work out his aggressions, and just have fun. But if you have one of these toy destroyers, how do you keep him occupied without going broke?

Dogs in Politics

By Justin Young

It’s been said that being the president of the United States is the world’s toughest job. With so much pressure, a president deserves a genuine friend who is always happy to see them and offers a listening ear, unconditional love, and a wagging tail at the end of the day.

Toys Can Enrich Your Cat’s Environment & Improve Behavior

By Meredith Stepita

Indoor cats have a very relaxing life, but just because your cat lives indoors doesn't mean that her life has to be dull and boring. Providing mental stimulation and physical exercise helps combat boredom, decrease stress, and improve quality of life in pet cats as well as pets in the shelter. Think of it as the feline version of Sudoku.

Bark for Your Park Phase 2

By Jessie McDowell

Your town has been working to build votes and rally the community around the contest to win a local dog park. What comes next for Phase 2?