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calming toys

Helping Anxious Dogs with Toys

When your dog's home alone, does he relax and sleep on the couch or does he stand vigilantly by the door and bark at every little noise? Calming toys have been proven to reduce stress in anxious dogs. Find out how to keep your dog calm and entertained while you're away.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

By Justin Young

Is your dog getting the activity he needs? How much time should you spend walking and playing with your pup? Learn how to stay healthy and active with your pup!

Why Having a Dog Park Is Good for Your Community!

By PetSafe Guest

Less crime? More tourism? Higher property values? What else can a dog park give your community?

How to Fetch a Dog Park!

By Jessie McDowell

Win a new dog park with these Bark For Your Park tips.

pet vacation

How to Vacation with Your Pet

By PetSafe Guest

Getting ready to take a trip with your dog? Check out our travel planning tips to keep you both relaxed on your vacation together.