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How Can Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Help Shelter Pets?

By Jessie McDowell

Still have a few gifts left on your shopping list? We've got the perfect gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers left on your list. The best part? You'll be helping spread some holiday cheer to pets in need. For every gift purchased from our Naughty or Nice Pet Present Guide, we'll donate a toy to an animal shelter.

How to Enrich Shelter Pets’ Lives

By Toni Mark

If you ask the staff here at PetSafe® brand what their favorite part of their job is, you’ll find that just about everyone incorporates their passion for dogs and cats. The desire to help the pet population runs deep within the company—even on a global level! PetSafe brand runs several programs where the sole mission is to help those pets that aren’t yet in their forever home.

Keeping Your Pet Safe: Pet Theft Awareness

By Jim Tedford

An estimated 2 million pets are stolen each year and only 10% of these pets are returned to their owners. To protect your pet, it's important to know about pet theft.

Finding a Lost or Missing Pet

By Jim Tedford

If you’ve ever lost a pet or had one go missing, you know it can be an extremely traumatic experience for you as well as your pet. Follow this guide to help you find your pet as quickly as possible.

7 Reasons We Love Shelter Cats & 3 Ways You Can Help Them

By Roslyn McKenna

They're loveable, great at parties, and keep you healthy. Let's celebrate how awesome cats are. 

The Best Thing on Your Fall Checklist

By Jim Tedford

What a great time of year to think about adding a new best friend to our lives!  Before those three-dog nights kick in, every household should have at least ONE dog to cuddle in front of the fire.

Adopt a Pet for National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

By PetSafe Guest

By: Katie Allison It’s October, a month when we enjoy changing leaves, cooler temperatures and the fun of dressing up for Halloween. But October is also the month when we celebrate all the joy that adopting a shelter dog can bring to our lives. To mark Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month, many animal welfare...