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Roses Are Red, Pet Dental Health Is indigo™

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

Remember the video to “Thriller,” with the zombies wreaking havoc on the town? They were pretty intimidating other than the whole stopping to do a dance number thing. Zombies chasing me? I run. Dancing zombies chasing me? I laugh. Anyway, the part where you see them coming out of the dirt and having nasty teeth is the part that always scared me as a kid. I wondered what their breath smelled like. Well, once I got a dog I had a pretty realistic interpretation of this.

Sheeba is a beautiful Shiba Inu, but her breath was not so pretty at first. I finally learned about pet dental health, and realized I should be brushing her teeth or doing more to help keep her teeth nice and healthy. If you’ve ever had a control freak in the form of a 30-pound dog, you can easily understand my frustrations with this task. Sheeba hated when I would brush her teeth. I don’t mean she scoffed and waltzed away dramatically when I’d try; I mean she managed to flail about like a dolphin trying to catch fish.

How can you keep your pet’s teeth healthy while keeping your own sanity? Try our line of indigo™ Fresh Dental Treats! indigo™ Fresh Dental Sticks are a daily treat and dental benefit! indigo™ Fresh Dental Sticks are a daily treat and dental benefit!   indigo™ Fresh Dental Sticks give your dog a better smile without all the hassle of a toothbrush. These low-calorie treats are crunchy, which help remove the plaque and tartar buildup that can become a stinky and unhealthy problem with time. Dental visits to your vet can be expensive, and these treats can help prevent a lengthy cleaning.

Each stick has a pleasant minty smell as well, so your dogs won’t  walk around smelling like stale dog food. It is recommended that you give these daily as a regular dental routine for your dogs, and they are intended for dogs who are 6 months and older. What should you do if your dog is much smaller, or possibly older and not able to chew something crunchy? We've got you covered. indigo™ Fresh Dental Sauce can be added to your dog's food for a great dental cleaning with each meal!

They come in Hint of Mint and Sweet Potato flavors, and are a softer alternative for older dogs who aren't able to crunch down like their younger buddies. Check out the sauce and the other great indigo™ Dental Treats below: indigo Fresh Floss Bones are a sweet and savory dental treat for your dog! indigo

Fresh Floss Bones are a sweet and savory dental treat for your dog!  If you are looking for a great long-lasting chew for your dogs, give them a tasty dental treat with indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones.

I think the design kind of looks like a small dumbbell, and I always think of my dogs as strengthening their teeth when they chew on these. The ridges in these treats allow dogs to chew while the treat works its magic along the teeth and gums.

These have a natural chicken and blueberry treat, so make sure you don't get jealous when your dog is getting his sweet and savory fix for the day. This great dental chew, and the rest of the indigo™ line of treats, are all MADE IN THE USA! The ingredients on the bag support your dog's dental health, and this even includes Hexametaphosphate. Yeah, it's a lengthy word, but it means a compound proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so why not reward your dog with a tasty little dental snack?

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wow.what a video!!dental health very important for our teeth..i agree with you..

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