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Keep Kids Safe Even with the Dogs You Know

By Michelle Mullins

77% of dog bites to kids come from a familiar dog. Do your children know how to stay safe around dogs?

dog collar accidents

Protect Your Dog from Collar Accidents

By Toni Mark

Over 26,000 dogs suffer collar-related injuries each year. Prevent playtime, yard, and everyday choking hazards with a safety collar.

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

By Jessie McDowell

Follow these 5 easy steps to teach your pet to stay in your yard. Boundary training is fun and easy with 10-minute training sessions every day for 2 weeks.

Keep Your Cat Safe This Halloween

By Jessie McDowell

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults, however, for a cat it can be a stressful and dangerous holiday. Keep your furry friend safe and calm with these tips.

holiday pet proofing

Pet Proof Your Holidays: Avoid Common Yuletide Hazards

By Jessie McDowell

Keep your pet on Santa's nice list by removing these dangerous yet common holiday items in your home.