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Creating a Memorial for Your Pet

By Audrey Pavia

It's something no pet owner wants to think about--the day when our beloved companion leaves us behind. When it does, it's best to be prepared. Having a sense of how you will memorialize your pet can make the grieving process just a little bit easier when the time comes to say goodbye. Besides thinking ahead on how you want to handle your pet's remains--burial on your property or at a pet cemetery, or cremation--it's a good idea to think about what you will do to honor your pet's memory. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your pet after he's gone.

Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

By Patrick Mahaney

Keep your pet’s mouth healthy all year long by taking good care of your pet’s teeth through a combination of professional and home dental care.

Celebrating Seniors: 5 FAQs About Older Cats

By Roslyn McKenna

Get answers to frequently asked questions about your cat’s golden years.

Dealing with Arthritis in Pets

By Jim Tedford

Do you know how to recognize if your pet is arthritic and what you can do at home to ease his pain?

Coping with Pet Loss: A Resource Guide for Grieving Pet Owners

By Jim Tedford

Pet lovers experience the joy and sadness that owning a pet brings. Eventually we all experience the loss of a pet. Losing a pet, in many ways, is not unlike losing any other loved one.

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The Worst Thing about Pet Ownership

By PetSafe Guest

As a pet mom, there is nothing that makes my stomachs sink faster than getting the call from the veterinarian saying there are concerns about my dogs’ health. That’s what happened last week following Lincoln’s biyearly vet visit. His blood came back with abnormally low platelet counts and after getting a retest, his numbers looked even worse. And the concerns of how to best balance doing everything I can for Lincoln began.