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The FroliCat® Bolt Provides Exercise AND Entertainment!

Cats of any age love the FroliCat BOLT !

The Frolicat Bolt is the perfect toy for your cat(s) because it will provide them with great entertainment and exercise! Just read the review below, submitted from S. Davidson. Thank you for sending us the beautiful picture of your cats!

Ms. Davidson writes:

“Our two older cats are still kittens on the inside and crave time with the laser; it is unfortunate that our dog (a Boxer) loves the laser pen, too. Solution: An automatic laser called the Bolt made by FroliCat. You can set it up on the floor, on a table, or hold it in your hand. Our cats will watch it for a while, then you hear them ripping through the living room at warp speed while talking to the thing. Then it's nap time. 15 minutes is about the right amount of time for them to get involved and feel satisfied.”

We would love to see a picture of your cat and find out how much your cat loves the FroliCat toys as well! Your cat could be featured in our blog next! Please feel free to submit a testimonial by clicking here: http://www.frolicat.com/Testimonials/index.html

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