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Top 10 Ways to Use a Lickety Stik®

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist

We’re hoping all our readers have heard of our doggie delicious and nutritious Lickety Stik treat. If not, let us be the first to tell you it’s awesome. Let your dog be the one to prove we’re right. You hold the bottle while your dog licks the roller ball coated in his favorite flavor of Savory Chicken, Braised Liver, or Smoky Bacon. One of the many reasons we love this treat are all the different ways you can use it.

Of course, the first one is indulging your dog with the Lickety Stik, because he is so darn cute! Read on to discover the next nine:

1. Teach your dog new tricks. Did you know you can teach a dog new tricks by getting him to move his nose? For example, step towards him and raise the bottle. As he raises his tongue to the treat, his seat will drop. Congrats, you have just taught your dog to sit! The same is true if you want to teach him to stand on his back legs. Raise the bottle even higher. As he follows it, he will stand up.

In this picture, Natalie was trying to convince Frenchy to be a little quieter. She recently used the Lickety Stik to really get the job done. Check out use #2 to see what we mean!

 2. Keep your dog quiet. I was recently pulled over for speeding, which is frustrating enough. But, I also had a sweet dog in the car, who had a bone to pick with the officer. I had a Lickety Stik in my cup holder and gave it to Frenchy while I talked with the officer. Unfortunately, our combined puppy dog eyes couldn’t get me out of a ticket, but the Lickety Stik did keep her quiet.

3. Refresh your dog’s old treat. Does your dog have an old Busy Buddy or other toy that used to be his absolute favorite? Yet, as the newness wore off, so did his interest. You can use the Lickety Stik to bring back the fun. Just rub the treat on the toy and watch playtime return as he enjoys her toy and favorite snack.

4. Make vet or grooming visits easier. We all know our dogs are very treat/food motivated. If you offer him Lickety Stik during a wellness exam or a haircut he is less likely to squirm away from whoever is trying to help, because his attention will be focused solely on the yummy treat in front of him.

5. Motivate your dog to come when called.Instead of calling his name for 30 minutes in the dog park to tell her it is time to go or begging him to get in the car, just get out your Lickety Stik. As soon as he sees the yummy treat in your hand, he won’t only rush to get to you, but he won’t want to leave your side.

Dogs agree, Lickety Stik is doggie delicious!

6. Train your puppy to use your new PetSafe door. After installing the door, work with a partner. Each of you should be on opposite sides of the door with your Lickety Stik treat.

With the dog on one side, coax him through the door with an open Lickety Stik. He should hop right through the door. Once he is on that side, turn him around and use the same practice going that direction. He’ll be using his door in no time – and he’ll love Lickety Stik even more.

7. Help your dog make new friends. If you dog is timid or anxious around other people or dogs, you can ease the tension with a Lickety Stik. Give your friend a Lickety Stik to give to your dog. The increased bonding with this treat over a traditional cookie will help them bond, because your pet will stay with them while they give him the Lickety Stik versus walking away to chew a cookie. In addition, you can reward good behavior around other dogs to encourage the behavior.

8. Maintain your dog’s weight. You can also feel free to give him a lick any time you want, because there is only one calorie in every 10 licks. You let yourself have a few healthy snacks every day, right? Let your dog enjoy the same privilege.

9. Reward your dog’s best behavior. If he comes as soon as he is paged on your remote trainer or does an excellent job staying within his containment system’s boundaries, let him have some Lickety Stik. You’ll prompt him to keep up the good practices and insure you have a well-trained, safe, and healthy dog for years to come.

We believe the Lickety Stik is the hottest thing to hit the treat market in years. If you don’t believe us, check out what Good Morning America or Fox and Friends have to say.

Are you using a Lickety Stik to treat your pet yet? What have you and your pet learned together with this unique treat? Comment below to be entered to win a Lickety Stik three-pack!


ABOUT NATALIE As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. She is a substitute pet owner to a German shorthaired pointer named Bedford in Abingdon, VA, Frenchy the schnoodle in Lenoir City, TN, and all the office dogs at PetSafe's headquarters in Knoxville. As a pet lover, she is currently searching for the perfect puppy to join her home.

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what a great idea!

Debbie, Thanks for reading! We’re glad you like these ideas. Have you ever used a Lickety Stik before?

Am I the only person bothered by the lack of 10 items in this top 10 list?

Janet, we were hoping someone would notice!! In the first paragraph, I wrote the first (and most obvious) use was to reward your pet just because you love them! Have you used a Lickety Stik yet? What is your pet’s favorite flavor! Thanks for reading, and being extra observant. ;)

Love love love lickety stick!! Have a 6 month old yorkie and use it to train her. Works well and even better is the conscience. Working on coming when called so she can come off the leash!! Highly recommended by me and my pooch!


Carrie, We’re so glad you love the Lickety Stik - we do too! :) Thanks for reading!

Carter (12 years old) has to take some “yucky” tasting liquid medicine.  Giving him lickety stick right after makes it much better for him!  Thanks for the sample you sennt.

Oh, Dottie!! That is so great to hear. We’re glad you have had such great luck with Carter getting his medicine! :) Thanks for sharing and reading!

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