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Top 5 Cat Gift Ideas

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist

Cats are notoriously hard to shop for. They won’t sleep in any cat bed, they hated the cute catnip banana you bought them last year and they refuse to eat that expensive food from the vet. My family has quite a few cats, so I have lots of furry relatives to shop for this year. I came up with some ideas that might please even my family’s finicky felines. Here are some ideas for what to get that special kitty in your life.  

For the Playful Kitten: FroliCat® Laser Toy

FroliCat™ DART DUO™ is sure to get your cat up and playing! FroliCat DART DUO™ is sure to get your cat up and playing!  Esmeralda is one of my mom’s foster kittens. She has Feline Leukemia, so she can’t be with other cats in the house or she risks spreading the disease. She gets a little stir-crazy sometimes, so a laser toy is perfect to entertain her and help her burn off some energy. The Dart Duo™ is her favorite toy right now. My mom loves watching her stalk, pounce and zip around the room to catch the little red dot.      

For the Fat Cat: Weight Control Toy

Our Egg-Cersizer™ Cat Toy rewards your cat for exercising! Our Egg-Cersizer™ Cat Toy rewards your cat for exercising! My dad’s cat Zut (whose name comes from the French word “Zut-alors!”) is a little on the pudgy side. The best gift for her is a toy that helps her lose weight. Food-dispensing toys let you fill up the toy with your cat’s food. Your cat has to work for each meal, so she gets portion control and extra exercise in one fun package. You can even fill it with treats instead, for food-motivated cats without weight problems.  The Feline Lickety Stik® comes in 6 yummy flavors! The Feline Lickety Stik® comes in 6 yummy flavors!

For the Middle Child: Feline Lickety Stik®

Our cats might be a little spoiled, but Ikkaku is definitely the least spoiled of the four. He was the runt of his litter, and he gets bullied by our other cats sometimes. He’s not as pushy for attention as the other cats are either. The best gift for him would be spending some one-on-one time with his dad. Feline Lickety Stik® is a liquid cat treat with a rollerball dispenser that you hold out for your cat to lick. It’s a great gift for Ikki because his dad can hold up the Lickety Stik®, and Ikki will go nuts for it. It’s a fun way to interact with a cat who’s not in your face all the time and needs some extra quality time.  

For the Senior Cat: Heated Bed 

A heated bed can keep your cat warm and cozy this winter A heated bed can keep your cat warm and cozy this winter!  Rifkah is my mom’s 200-year-old mummy of a cat. We have no idea how old she is, but it doesn’t matter because she will probably live forever. She’s kind of crotchety and weird, but she is a cuddlebug. She picks her favorite spot of the week, curls up there and refuses to move. If she’s on your lap and you have to get up to go to the bathroom, she latches on with her claws and refuses to let you go. The best gift for a cat who’s very possessive of her sleeping space is a heated pet bed. You can divert her from your lap with a much warmer, comfier spot, and it keeps her nice and toasty on cold winter nights.  

For the Cat Who Has Everything: Pet Fountain 

Give your cat fresh and filtered water with a pet fountain! Give your cat fresh and filtered water with a pet fountain!  Lily is kind of a picky cat, except when it comes to food. She prefers blankets to cat beds, and she won’t play with any of her toys by herself. She has so many toys and treats that I didn’t have anything to put on her Christmas list.

A pet fountain would be the perfect gift for a cat who doesn’t like anything and already has everything. Instead of leaving a stagnant bowl of water out for your cat to drink, pet fountains spout a constantly flowing stream of filtered water. Fountains are perfect for cats who like to drink from dripping faucets. They’re also great for multi-cat homes; all of our cats love their Drinkwell® 360 fountain.

What will you get your cat for the holidays?

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