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dog-friendly outdoor ideas

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for You & Your Dog

By Justin Young

With temperatures rising and daylight lasting longer, there are plenty of reasons to have some outdoor fun. What better way to ring in spring than with an adventure for you and your pet? Here are 5 outdoor activities to do with your dog.

tug of war

Why Tug Is the BEST Game to Play With Your Dog

By Rosalee Kaschel

Want a great anytime, anywhere game that will wear your dog out quickly while helping to teach them obedience, bite inhibition, and impulse control, all while strengthening your bond with your dog? Play some tug!

cat toys

Find the Right Toy to Entertain Playful Cats

By Amy Shojai

It's great fun to watch cats play, but when kitten play goes overboard, what's a caring pet parent to do? Just as bored dogs target inappropriate items, a playful cat or kitten left alone can turn your house upside down.

PetSafe photo contest

Enter the Love Your Pet Day Photo Sweepstakes

By Jessie McDowell

Enter your pet's photo for a chance to win free toys for a year! Today's your last chance to enter!

pet dental toys and treats

Making Sense of Dental Care Toys & Treats

By Tony Johnson

When you go into the dental aisle at your local pet retailer, you're faced with a whole host of choices. Toys, specially-designed treats and dental appliances like toothbrushes and dental wipes are all vying for you attention - and your dollar. So which of these are worth the effort, and which are just hype? Read on to help make some sense of the issue.

food dispensing dog toys

Fun Toys for Bored Dogs

By Meredith Stepita

Many dogs are motivated by food, and many enrichment toys keep your dog's interest by dispensing food if he manipulates the toy in just the right way. Some dogs will even choose a food dispensing toy over food placed directly into their bowl! But where to start? There are so many food toys these days. It will take some trial and error to figure out which toy is best for your dog.

Toys Your Dog Can’t Destroy in Seconds

By Audrey Pavia

Some dogs are gentle with their toys, delicately carrying them around in their mouths and even sleeping with them. Other dogs are the complete opposite. The minute they get their mouths on a toy, the destruction begins. Their goal: demolish the object as quickly as possible. They rip out the squeaker, tear out the stuffing, and shred the material to pieces. Playing with toys is a vital way your dog can expend excess energy, work out his aggressions, and just have fun. But if you have one of these toy destroyers, how do you keep him occupied without going broke?

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