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Feeding Multiple Cats

By Charlotte Higgins

Do you have a skinny cat and a chubby cat? Read this guide to feeding multiple cats and keeping them at a healthy weight.

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

By PetSafe Guest

Healthy eating and exercise is just as important for your pets as it is for you! October 8 is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day raising awareness on pet weight issues.

pet diabetes

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice… Except When It’s Too Much: Pet Diabetes Advice

By PetSafe Guest

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. We often worry about the side effects for ourselves and other human friends, but you may not think about this disease affecting your pet. Over 1.4 million pets in the United States suffer from diabetes mellitus, a condition where the blood sugar (glucose) is too high. According to statistics, one in every 500 dogs and one in every 200 cats develop diabetes.

lose weight with pets

Shed Pounds with Your Pet

By PetSafe Guest

This year, why not resolve to lose weight and get fit with your live-in weight-loss partner: your pet? Ensuring your pet maintains a healthy weight and exercise plan is your duty as a responsible pet owner, so make this responsibility fun! Here are some helpful tips to get you and your pal started.