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What Did Research Show about Our New Wireless Mapping Fence?

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

We all love our dogs unconditionally want to let the dogs be dogs by giving them freedom to play outside, but many pet owners worry their dog will leave the yard and never return. One of our new products - the PetSafe® Wireless Mapping Fence - takes the worries away. It gives dog owners the flexibility to custom design the dog’s boundary without having to bury any wires. Last month, we wrapped up a 4 week in-home use test for the Wireless Mapping Fence and received great feedback from the product test participants.

The Transmitter emits a radio signal 90 feet in all directions. Boundary flags are placed around the yard to guide the pet owner in programming the boundary. The Boundary Programming Unit (BPU) collects data at each flag for the Receiver Collar. The dog wears the Receiver Collar, which monitors the dog’s location within the programmed boundary. When the dog approaches the boundary the Receiver issues a warning tone and if the dog proceeds further the Receiver issues a safe static correction. The static correction is harmless, but will persuade the dog to stay in the pet area. After training, the dog is able to freely roam the pet area.

All participants in this IHUT were new to wireless containment products, so they all came with a fresh perspective. In the test group, we had inside dogs, inside & outside dogs, and outside only dogs. The testers were so excited to get their hands on the fence, and we knew their furry family members would love it.

“She’s an indoor dog but loves to be out in the yard chasing her balls,” said one participant. “Our yard is not fenced, which is why we feel this system will be great for us."

containment system installation Before installing, we suggest drawing out your planned pet boundary. Here is a sample submitted by one of our research participants.

The installation time averaged approximately 2 hours. Pretty quick compared to a physical fence or even an in-ground fence, right? Right! Especially when you consider that this is brand new technology to program the boundary area. We knew we had smart group on our hands! With the Wireless Mapping Fence, participants were able to create a boundary compatible with their yard and kept their dog happy and safe.

“He is an inside dog and does not have a dog house," explained another participant. “We installed it in the front yard and across the driveway. We used the partial boundary and we have no fence in our yard. All of the installation was easy and none of it was complicated.”

Testers rated the fence and their experience top notch! Depending on the yard, the customizable containment area and quick installation are appropriate for most pet owners. The Wireless Mapping Fence is especially great for those with off-limits areas of the yard, uniquely shaped yards, large yards, or folks wanting to contain the dog to one side of the yard. Those 1-4 hours of outside activity are critical to our dog’s well-being, but with our busy lives it’s sometimes difficult to make that time for it. The Wireless Mapping Fence provides more flexibility for you and more freedom for your dog!

wireless mapping fence These three sweet chocolate labs loved their new Wireless Mapping Fence as much as their dad did!

“I love this containment system!” raved a tester. “It is of outstanding quality. I felt that it was well-made and well-planned for all types and sizes of dogs. The wireless fence unit’s design and functioning well exceeded my expectations. It was easy to set-up and use. I would recommend it to all dog owners.”

So, get ready. Our Wireless Mapping Fence will hit stores this summer, and we can’t wait for the rest of pet owners to use them!

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I would be interested in any discounts or testing! We have a rescue 6 mth old puppy and a nice .7 acre yard, but are currently researching the various wireless & electronic fences. We do not have any fencing at the moment and take her out with the leash. Your new wireless mapping system sounds perfect for us as it would be a better option than the inground options!  Which everyone has in our neighborhood. Anyrrsponse would be appreciated! We are anxiously awaiting this system!

Hi Jacqueline, congrats on your family’s new puppy! How exciting it is to welcome a new furry friend into our home. :) The Wireless Mapping System will be available for purchase in early May. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime! :)

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Hi Lorena, it will be available on our website the first week of May. We’re unable to provide exact dates for retailers because we don’t control the distribution throughout their stores. The manager of your local store should be able to help! Let us know if you have any other questions.

I See this is now on the Pet safe website as coming soon but I do not see extra collars on the website yet. We have two German shepherds and we would need 2 collars for the system. When will the extra collars be available?

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your interest in the Wireless Mapping Fence. Our product development team is working hard and the fence should be available sometime this month. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

The website says the collar is “waterproof”—is it really waterproof, or just water resistant?

How easy will it be to reprogram the coverage area (for example if I travel to my mother’s place)

I have been patiently waiting since seeing it would be released the first week of the month.  I’ve compared specs to a similar system by another MFR and this looks like the best system available!  But, when??

Thank you!

Eagerly waiting…

I have been waiting for the fence to be available.  I understand that distribution to stores would take some time, but when will the fence be available on your website?  Also is there a safe guard if there is loss of power? Would you have to remap the yard, or will the system remember the fence location?  Thank you

Hi Michael, good news! Our Wireless Mapping Fence is now available for purchase. Shop now: - have a great weekend!

Hi Garth, the collar is waterproof but we don’t suggest your pet swim with it on. To get a better idea of installation, check out this video: and let us know if you need anything else.

Hi Matt, good news! Our Wireless Mapping Fence is now available. Shop now: - have a great weekend!

They must be a good unit went to order one tonight from pet safe and they are all ready sold out. Frustrating been checking web site every couple days for them to come out and when they do i’m to late. they are telling me sometime in june. Hope it’s not a date like there release date was suppose to be 1st of may ends up being the end of may. can’t waith to get one

Hi Chuck, we are not sold out! :) Visit to get your system! Let us know if you need anything else.

I’m sure you have this information listed somewhere on the website but how old do you recommend the dog be to start using this fence? I have a 5 month old Australian cattle dog mix who is 20 pounds and 100% full of energy. 3 walks a day and a trip to the dog park still isn’t enough so we need a fence pronto! Would this be appropriate for her or should I wait until she’s a little older? Thanks!

Hi Elizabeth, great question! We recommend dogs be 6 months old before they begin training on our systems. If you have any more questions, please let us know!

Does the static correction continue until they return to the safe zone? My American Bulldog won’t stop if its just one correction. Thx!

Hi Clint, The Wireless Mapping System works very similarly to the rest of our Wireless fences. The Collar will administer continuous shock for about 15 seconds. Then it will administer a random correction every 5 to 10 seconds. Once the pet returns to the safe zone, the collar will reset to work as usual. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks so much.

Do the underground systems work the same way?

I have a RF-125/304w… Does it do the same or just one quick correction?

Yes, our in-ground containment systems also have the timeout feature.

Hi, I’m not sure which fence you are referring to. You can always email Customer Care at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for help. Have a great day.

Hey there. I just ordered this system with an extra collar for my two dogs. Cant hardly wait for its arrival. My question is living in Wisconsin where the temperature dips to below zero at times. How does this affect the flag receivers? Or what is the suggested use at that time? Thank you.

Thanks!I really like this post related to pet containment system. I just want to ask one question that what should be the minimum age of the dog to wear this collar?

John - Great question! All dogs should be a minimum of 6 months old to ensure they understand basic obedience commands and will understand the training when using a containment system.

Thanks for your response.

does this system have restrictions when it comes to metal buildings we have a trailer house with metal siding would that effect the boundries?

Hi Ashley,

Great question! Depending on where you would put your transmitter, there could be some interference issues. To best answer your questions, a Customer Care representative would love to help! Our hours of operation are M-F 8a-8p and Saturday 9-5, EST. We can be reached at 1-800-732-2677. We hope to hear from you soon!

How does the mapping system work accross a driveway, has it been tested yet? what is the appr. price

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your question! The Wireless Mapping Fence has been tested on working on driveways, and includes a Boundary Programming Unit that will let you know if anything across your driveway or in your yard could interfere with the signal. The current price and FAQS with videos are available on our website at . Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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