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Doga: Doing Yoga With Your Dog

By Audrey Pavia

Yoga has been a popular activity in the U.S. for decades. This strength training pursuit, which began in ancient India as a spiritual practice, provides a variety of health benefits including better sleep, greater energy, good muscle tone, improved circulation and lower blood pressure. As if all that wasn't reward enough for doing yoga, some instructors have found a way to make it even more wonderful. They are teaching a practice called doga--yoga with dogs.

According to New York City yoga instructor Suzi Teitelman, doga started in 2001 when she began incorporating her Cocker Spaniel into her yoga routines. Teitelman soon began teaching classes in a practice she termed "ruff yoga," and later doga.

In doga, yogis -- those individuals who participate in yoga--include their dogs in their practice. Essentially, yoga class members perform yoga poses that incorporate their dogs. While...

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How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

By Jessie McDowell

Follow these 5 easy steps to teach your pet to stay in your yard. Boundary training is fun and easy with 10-minute training sessions every day for 2 weeks.


Leptospirosis in Dogs

By Gretchen Statz

Does your dog play around in the mud in your backyard? How about the pond at the dog park? If your dog plays in standing water, learn how to prevent an infection in you or your dog and stay safe at the dog park.

durham dog park

A New Member of PetSafe® Brand’s Bark for Your Park™ Family: Durham, NC

By Justin Young

On the warm, summer night of Thursday, September 8th, PetSafe® Brand welcomed the City of Durham, NC into its family of dog parks, with a $25,000 grant to build a new play-place for people and their pets.

deaf dog training

How to Train a Deaf Dog

By Michelle Mullins

Training a dog takes patience and practice. Training a dog who is deaf can be even more challenging. They can do all the same activities a hearing dog can do; the training just needs some modification to work for them!

Most Dog-Friendly Cities

5 Dog-Friendly Cities

Whether you're looking for a dog-friendly place to live, or a town to visit with your dog in tow, you'll be happy to know many cities in the U.S. are becoming more welcoming to pets. Here's a look at 5 of the most dog-friendly cities in America.

dogs eating toys

Where Did That Toy Go?

By Tony Johnson

As an emergency vet, one of the most common medical problems that we see in the clinic is the case of a dog or cat who's chewed up a toy or eaten something they shouldn't and is now vomiting. Here's how to keep your dog or cat safe from eating something they shouldn't and save a trip to the emergency vet.