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Dog Pulling on Leash

Are Some Breeds Harder to Train Than Others?

By Rosalee Kaschel

Have you ever heard or said, "My dog knows how to sit. He just doesn't want to do it right now," while at the park? Meanwhile kids are screaming at a blaring ice cream truck, a Chihuahua is yapping at them or someone has just pulled out doggy gold: a.k.a. a tennis ball. Still, most owners don't realize the enormity of what they're asking from their dogs because we don't live in a dog's world. We often ask too much too soon. New places, new smells and situations are all incredibly distracting to your dog. This is especially true for some breeds from the hound and terrier. By human standards, all dogs have an incredible sense of smell. These breeds are the Olympians of scent. There is so much information coming in from their noses that it may be challenging for them to give you their full attention.

Most dogs are not really "stubborn"; they're distracted. If your goal...

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Paper Training

Pros and Cons of Paper Training for Puppies

By Caryl Wolff

All puppies have to pee and poop, and each owner/guardian needs to choose where their toilet area is going to be based on their lifestyle and circumstances. There are many toilet options, one of which is paper training along with its very close relative, pee pad training.


Enter the World of Catspiracies

By Justin Young

Hey, Cats. Have you ever stopped to think about why humans love our poo so much? Millions of cats believe humans are harvesting their poo for profit using the PetSafe® ScoopFree® Litter Box. Watch the video and decide for yourself!

walking puppies

7 Ways to Make Training Part of Everyday Life with Your Dog

By Justin Young

From the moment you bring home your new pet, training is one of the most important things you can do. Teaching your dog basic manners will give you more options for activities in which your dog can participate, build your relationship and enrich the lives of you and your dog. Learning should not be limited to a training class. Reinforcing your dog’s good behaviors throughout his everyday life will help keep your dog on his best behavior.

pet owner resolutions

Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

By PetSafe Guest

While dogs aren’t capable of resolving anything, the end of December is a good time to take stock of ways to help your dog become healthier and happier. Dr. Trisha Joyce of New York City Veterinary Specialists offers suggestions for pet parent resolutions.

homemade pet treats

Holiday DIY Homemade Pet Treats

By PetSafe Guest

This holiday season, experiment with some pet treat receipes instead of that 5-hour-long pie recipe! We found some delicious and healthy treats that your pets will love! These recipes include all the favorite fall ingredients like pumpkin, apples, turkey and more. 

squeaky toys

Why Dogs Destroy Squeaker Toys

By Amy Shojai

Puppies are notorious chewers while teething, But most dogs won't out-grow the chewing urge. They use chewing to relieve boredom, explore their world, manipulate objects, and because it feels good. So how do you deal with dogs who destroy squeaky toys?