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Get trays automatically delivered to your door when you need them. Save 10% per tray!

Replaceable Litter Trays Offer Unbeatable Convenience and Odor Control

The ScoopFree litter box takes care of the scooping with its automatic rake that sweeps waste into the trap. The ScoopFree litter tray does the rest. Filled with crystal litter that reduces odor, the disposable tray lasts up to 30 days before it needs to be replaced.

Tired of running out of litter and paying too much for shipping? Now you can have litter trays delivered straight to your door! No more trekking to the pet store and lugging trays back home. Subscribe to a 3-pack or a 6-pack automatic delivery and save 10% per tray! Choose when and how often you need more trays. FREE shipping with all subscriptions!


  • Free shipping and 10% discount on trays
  • Low-tracking crystal litter reduces odor up to 5x better than clumping litter
  • Choose when you need your first order and how often you need replacements
  • Easily track shipments, change frequency, and manage settings from My Account

Crystal litter that’s 5x more effective at reducing odor.

$80.95 Shop Now

Crystal litter that’s 5x more effective at reducing odor.

$47.45 Shop Now

Crystal litter free of perfumes and dyes.

$75.95 Shop Now

Crystal litter free of perfumes and dyes.

$42.70 Shop Now

3 Simple Steps for a Fresh Box

Load it

Lift the box and slide in a disposable litter tray. The trays are filled with crystal litter that reduces odor 5x better than traditional litter.

Leave it

No scooping needed! ScoopFree automatically rakes waste into the covered trap, so you can leave it alone for weeks at a time.

Toss it

Every few weeks, throw away the old tray and replace it with a new one, for a litter box that’s good as new.

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ScoopFree Awards

Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Innovation Awards Nomination 2006 & 2008

Bestcovery Best Pick for Best Cat Litter Box

Cat Fancy Trendy Product 2006

CBS Early Morning Show Global Pet Expo Favorite 2006


What people are saying about ScoopFree Litter Boxes

My ScoopFree® Automatic Litter Box arrived today. I can't believe the difference in my home already -- no litter box smell, no litter tracked all over the place...... I love it! I wish I had known about this earlier. I previously (for the last 7 years!) had a LitterMaid® Automatic Litter Box and there is absolutely no comparison. I threw the LitterMaid® in the trash today and didn't look back!!

Joe Hill

- Jeannie Dalrymple

I bought this product a few weeks ago and LOVE IT! It is the best thing ever invented! I was amazed that after 2 weeks with 2 cats that that was the first time I needed to change the box! The cats love it, it's quiet and very effective! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Spend the money, it's worth it!

Joe Hill

- Bill Smith

My Name is Fendi and I am a Blue point. My brother is a Seal point! We live in a high rise in Chicago looking over Monroe Harbor and Buckingham fountain. Our Condo is rather small and our mom is an extreme 'neat freak'! She wants our home to smell like fresh flowers!!! This wouldn't be possible with any other litter box. The thought of the smell of cats would have sent us packing. Thank goodness for your ScoopFree® litter box with no odor! We are getting along great! Mom brags about the ScoopFree® to everyone who visits!

Joe Hill

- Jodi Howard

I just wanted to say 'THANK YOU'!! Nobody can truly understand the magic of this machine unless they use one. I have 2 cats, and with working full time and going to school full time I was afraid I'd have to give them up because I didn't have time to clean the box. But thanks to ScoopFree® I can keep my babies with my hectic schedule. I absolutely love this machine and all the things it has allowed me to keep!!

Joe Hill

- Kate Crabill

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Privacy Hood

The removable hood adds more comfort and privacy for your cat while keeping litter inside the box instead of on your carpet. Stack extra litter trays on top of the flat hood.

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Anti-Tracking Carpet

This soft, durable carpet, specially designed for ScoopFree litter boxes, helps stop your cat from tracking litter throughout your house.

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