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Passport™ Electronic Pet Door


Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the PASSport Pet Access Smart System™ reads the PASSport Key™ worn on your pet’s collar. When your pet approaches the PASSport™, the system reads the unique ID of your pet’s PASSport Key™ and if that number is programmed, the pet door will unlock allowing your pet to enter or exit. If a pet or animal is not programmed to the system, the pet door will remain locked. This allows access to only your programmed pet(s) while helping keep out other pets, wild animals, pests and strays.



  • How does the Passport Key™ work?
  • What do the icons mean?
  • Can I install the Passport door in a wall?
  • What do the indicator lights mean?
  • What does the Reset Button do?
  • I have an older model pet door and want to replace it with a different pet door.
  • How do I replace the flap?
  • Passport Key programming is unsuccessful.
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Installation & Setup

  • Connect Passport™ to Your Computer
  • Install Clock Battery and Power Adapter
  • Understanding the Motion Sensors
  • Check for Radio-Frequency Interference
  • Select Installation Location
  • Initial User Setup
  • Program Your Pet
  • Test & Attach Passport Key™
  • Checklist Before Installation
  • Can I install the Passport door in a wall?
  • Installation Step 1: Determine Pet Door Location
  • Installation Step 2: Preparing Door
  • Installation Step 3: Cut Pet Door Opening
  • Installation Step 4: Install Pet Door
  • Installation Step 5: Insert Screws and Plugs
  • Programming the PASSport: Changing Door Settings
  • Programming the Passport: Changing Pet Settings (Individual Access, Each Pet)
  • Programming the PASSport: Changing Pet Settings (Master Access, All Pets)
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  • Training Your Pet
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  • Passport Key programming is unsuccessful.
  • Check for Radio-Frequency Interference
  • In-Tone or Out-Tone is not working.
  • Passport™ does not respond to a PASSport Key™ when pet is directly in front of the pet door flap.
  • Passport™ does not turn on.
  • Passport™ is beeping.
  • Passport™ is not reading key fast enough for pet.
  • Pet Tracking is not working.
  • The red light is flashing (double blink every 6 seconds).
  • What does the Reset Button do?
  • What do the indicator lights mean?
  • What do the icons mean?
  • ATTENTION screen: Drivetrain Failure - Call Customer Care
  • ATTENTION screen: FAILED ... Pet ID Already Learned
  • ATTENTION screen: Flap Held Open
  • ATTENTION screen: Flap Jammed
  • ATTENTION screen: Replace Clock Battery
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