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Dog-tested for durability & fun

Dog toys to keep your pets healthy and active

Busy Buddy® Toys: More than Just Chew Toys

Interactive treat-holding and treat-dispensing chew toys

Treat-dispensing toys encourage pets to interact with the toys longer. The built-in reward keeps them actively engaged, redirecting potentially destructive chewing behavior. Busy Buddy chew toys are engaging and fun for dogs and last longer than traditional plush toys. Some toys are designed to mentally challenge your pet, to play tug-of-war, or to make your pet work for their food. All of them are specially designed with different pets and different play-styles and chewing experiences in mind, so you can find the perfect one your dog is sure to love.

Laser Toys & Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive toys your cat will flip for

Automatic toys engage your pet in hours of fun, interactive play using random laser patterns, electronic mice, and more.Play with your pet whenever you like or let the toy play with your automatically even when you're not home. Your cat will be bouncing off the walls to catch that little red dot. And dogs love laser toys, too!

Soft Plush Toys without the Stuffing

These irresistible plush toys feature inner bouncy frames, free-floating squeakers, and no stuffing. Dogs love the bounce-back action, and you’ll love the no stuffing, no mess design. Choose from Pogo Plush®, faux sheepskin, and Wild Thangs!™ plush toys.

Just for Cats

Fill the treat-dispensing cat toys with food or treats. The food comes out as your cat plays with the toy, rewarding your cat for playing. Cats of all ages will love a little more playtime. For cats who need to lose weight, feed your cat her meals with the toy to turn mealtime into playtime!

Just for Puppies

Designed exclusively for puppies 2 – 6 months old, these smaller Busy Buddy toys feature softer rubber that’s gentle on puppy teeth yet durable enough for extended playtime. These treat-dispensing and treat-holding toys keep your puppy busy chewing and playing rather than getting into mischief.

Puppies develop at different rates, so try out different toys as they grow up. If your puppy doesn't like a toy at first, take it away and try again in a few months. Toys that are too noisy might scare very young puppies at first. Some puppies don't have all of their teeth until 1 month or later, so they might prefer softer toys at first. Brachycephalic breeds develop more slowly than other breeds, so they might not be ready for complex treat-dispensing or puzzle toys until they're a little older.

Manage Your Pet's Weight the Easy Way

Help them play the weight away with food-dispensing toys

Getting overweight pets to lose those extra pounds can be challenging. Interactive feeders make weight loss easier. SlimCat™ and Busy Buddy toys are treat-dispensing toys, so you can fill them up with your pet's meal and watch your pet work for his food! With portion control and extra exercise, your pet will be slimmer in no time.


From Safe Pets & Happy Owners

“Thanks for making a chew toy that can handle a real chewer.”
- Maggie R.

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