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PetSafe is making communities better places to live for animals and people alike.

PetSafe K9 Cancer Walk Benefitting Morris Animal Foundation Knoxville, TN

PetSafe outreach and philanthropic efforts are designed to help communities become better places to live for both animals and people. We provide volunteer support, grants, and product donations to qualifying organizations working to improve animal welfare or the education of our youth. Whether we're helping build dog parks or providing last-dollar tuition support for college-bound high-schoolers, PetSafe is proud to give back to our communities!


Building Pet Friendly Communities

The Most Pet Friendly Community initiative: PetSafe has played a lead role in this effort to make sure that Knoxville/Knox County pets are highly respected citizens. Other participants include The City of Knoxville, Knox County, Young-Williams Animal Center, and the University of Tennessee. In August of 2011 Dog Fancy Magazine recognized Knoxville as the most dog-friendly city in the Southeast. There's still a lot of work left to be done! The initiative has led to the creation of several Knoxville/Knox County dog parks as well as an increase in the number of pet-friendly businesses in the community.

PetSafe Dog Parks: PetSafe has committed the funds to create 7 dog parks in Knox and surrounding counties in East Tennessee. The parks, prime examples of a working public/private partnership, help further the expansion of green space throughout the region while offering pet parents alternate locations for outdoor pet recreation.

Through the annual Bark for Your Park competition, PetSafe is helping communities across America build their own PetSafe Dog Parks. Through the contest, communities are awarded up to $100,000 toward the construction of a PetSafe Dog Park. Participants secure land and local government support before entering the contest. For more information, visit the Bark for your Park site.


Nurturing Happy & Healthy Animals

PetSafe Shelter Enrichment Project: PetSafe proudly supports the work of local animal shelter organizations by providing behavior enrichment toys and treats for shelter animals. We are thrilled to help our partner organizations make their shelters happy temporary homes for their animal guests while they wait to find forever homes.

Morris Animal Foundation's Fight Against Canine Cancer: As a national sponsor of the Morris Animal Foundation's K9 Cancer Walks, PetSafe has helped raise awareness and funds for canine cancer research. A team of PetSafe associates dedicates countless hours to organize the annual Knoxville K9 Cancer Walk and PetSafe Black Tie & Tails Gala. These dog-friendly events support MAF's life-saving work. Our 2013 events brought in more than $80,000 to help further the work of the Morris Animal Foundation.

PetSafe Shelter Product Program: Through this program, PetSafe products are sent to qualifying animal rescue groups in the greater Knoxville area. We regularly hold events for rescue groups to come and "shop" for products they can use at their shelters.

Learn more about how to apply for this program.

Small Animal Behavior Research at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine: PetSafe has funded one of the few veterinary school behaviorist positions in the U.S. at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville. The ultimate goal of an animal behaviorist is to help protect the bond between a human and companion animal. There is an extreme lack of clinical research in animal behavior, and with this initiative we hope to improve understanding of pets to improve their welfare.

Philanthropy Committee: Each year, the PetSafe Philanthropy Committee makes charitable donations to qualifying organizations. In one recent example, we awarded 2 grants totaling $10,000 to Peaceful Kingdom for the Go North Transport Collaborative. This project takes animals from maximum capacity shelters in east Tennessee to open shelters in the Northeast and upper Midwest. The transport saved 753 pets in July, August, and September of 2014.

Most recently, the committee donated $6,100 to Knox County's K-9 Unit to purchase 6 bullet- and stab-proof vests and 3 cooling vests to help protect the 22 dogs in the unit. Read the full article.


Youth Development & Education

Tennessee Achieves

Since its inception as a locally-based program, PetSafe has been host to tnAchieves. The program, now state-wide, is a last-dollar scholarship and mentoring program designed to provide an opportunity for Tennessee public high school graduates to receive up to $3,000 annually for community college tuition. The program has 3 unique elements:

  • Volunteers donate funds to provide a college education for students who would otherwise lack the opportunity.
  • Volunteers serve as mentors to our students to eliminate the barriers associated with college access and success.
  • Our high school scholars volunteer their time and energy by giving back to the community with 8 hours of community service for each semester they receive funding.

Have a Pet-Friendly or Youth Development Project?

Grants Program
At PetSafe, our associates take great pride in bringing products to the marketplace that help pet owners strengthen bonds with their animal companions. But our commitment doesn't stop there. Many of our associates are actively involved as volunteer leaders within the company and community. A prime example of our associates' commitment can be found in the PetSafe Philanthropy Committee.

Each year, the PetSafe Philanthropy Committee sets aside a percentage of corporate profits for charitable donations to qualifying organizations. Learn more about how your organization can apply for funding.

*Your organization must be recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your group's work must be focused on improving companion animal welfare or advancing youth education. We review grant applications each month and award funds based on the merit of the request and the availability of funds.