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2009 Press Releases


Are You and Your Dog the Gossip of the Neighborhood?

Knoxville, TN – December 22, 2009 – Has excessive dog barking driven you to your breaking point? Does your neighbor's dog bark from sun up to sun down? Or perhaps you're the one getting the "If your dog barks one more time I'm going to…" glare. In an effort to help end neighbor...


PetSafe® acquires range of Pet Porte Products

Radio Systems® Corporation, home of the PetSafe® brand, has acquired the assets of Pet Porte Ltd., and the rights to manufacture and sell the product line. The Pet Porte doors will now be available exclusively through Radio Systems.

Guernsey-based Pet Porte Limited manufactures the...


BusinessTN CEO of the Year Randy Boyd Swings for the Fences and Builds Multi-Million Dollar Company in the Process

BusinessTN CEO of the Year Randy Boyd swings for the fences and builds a multi-million dollar company in the process.

In the early 1980s, a young farm supply salesman by the name of Randy Boyd bumped along country roads in a Dodge Maxi Van with no air conditioning or radio. On...


Making Knoxville the Most Pet-Friendly Community in America

A new effort is being launched to make Knoxville and Knox County the most pet friendly community in America. This impressive partnership brings together the City of Knoxville, Knox County, Young Williams Animal Center, the University of Tennessee, PetSafe, the Knoxville Area Chamber...


Neighborhood Peace and Quiet

Does the neighbors dog bark incessantly? Does it drive you crazy, but you haven’t said anything to the dog’s owner? Of course, you don’t want to be confrontational. Well, PetSafe, the industry leaders in pet training products has a solution.

PetSafe is rolling out a new website...