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Multiple PetSafe® Products Selected for 2022 Dogster and Catster Editors’ Choice Awards


Recent Honors Highlight PetSafe® ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain, Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder and the Happy Ride® Bench Seat Cover

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – May 10, 2022 – PetSafe® brand, a global leader in pet product solutions, recently received national recognition from Catster and Dogster Magazines for its innovative and original line of products. The PetSafe® ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain and Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder each received a 2022 Catster Editors’ Choice Award, and the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Bench Seat Cover earned a 2022 Dogster Editors’ Choice Award.

PetSafe Infographic

Catster Editors’ Choice winners were chosen from more than 40 cat products and tested on their ease of use, attractiveness to both pet and human, usefulness and more. Dogster Editors’ Choice winners were selected from more than 65 dog products, and all category items were reviewed by a panel of judges with several decades of pet industry experience.

“We are honored to have so many PetSafe® products on the list this year for both the Catster and Dogster Editors’ Choice Awards because we are continually committed to providing trusted solutions that keep pets healthy, safe and happy,” says Celeste Vlok, marketing manager for PetSafe® brand.

Catster and Dogster award categories covered housewares, gear and grooming, cleaning, potty tools and toys, and those recognized were said to be at the “top of their game” in the pet industry.

The PetSafe® ScoopFree® Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatically rakes away cat waste to eliminate scooping, cleaning and refilling for weeks. The health counter tracks usage and notes any irregularities that may signal possible health concerns like a urinary tract infection, and pet parents can monitor their cat’s litter box activity through the My PetSafe® app.

Known for its sleek look, the PetSafe® Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain offers a whisper-quiet, bubbling flow that allows water to softly stream over the tower and entice pets. The fountain is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant ceramic and is free of lead and heavy metals, making it hygienic and safe for pets. Additionally, the 360-degree design makes it easy for cats to sip from any side they choose.

Wrapping up the brand’s Catster honors, the PetSafe® Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder allows pet parents to easily feed their pets portioned meals, on time, from anywhere also using the My PetSafe® app on their smartphone. Pet parents can schedule up to 12 meals and snacks per day, and the Feed Now option lets them serve a meal instantly from the app or with the push of a button on the feeder.

As the brand’s Dogster Editors’ Choice winner, the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Bench Seat Cover protects vehicle seats from moisture, mud and dog hair. The bench seat covers are quick and easy to install and fit the back of most cars, trucks and SUVs.

All products awarded are available for purchase at and major pet retailers.

About PetSafe®

PetSafe® is dedicated to keeping pets healthy, safe and happy through innovative product solutions. As an industry leader, PetSafe® brand offers behavioral, containment and lifestyle solutions. PetSafe® brand is owned by Radio Systems Corporation®, headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, and services over 50 countries globally. For more information, visit