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Help your city design the park of your dreams. Keep up with park features and track along with the city’s progress. Check back often because your city admin will be uploading photos and sharing progress.

Thank you for Voting for Port Chester! Current laws in the village of Port Chester prohibit dogs in any village parks (not even on-leash!). This dog park will provide a much needed area for our community dogs to exercise, socialize, and play off-leash. VOTE TWICE DAILY, ONCE ON THIS PAGE AND ONCE ON FACEBOOK:

-Stay and Play 2013

Park Timeline

click the orange markers to get details about the steps to park completion


You have won funds from PetSafe® to build a dog park in your community. What’s next?

Your community is responsible for completing the proper paperwork and receiving the correct permits to begin construction.

Excavation and water line construction will fill a large part of your park timeline. These projects are time consuming but necessary for park completion.

Fun details like landscaping, fencing and water features are the next step in a finished park. When completed, zoning reviews are the final step.

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Paula Cerone

I VOTED @ 6:30 PM- C ' MN PC LET'S GO!

Joyce Rytelewski

i would like to thank everyone who help us with the voting we all did great cast my last vote hope to see everyone at McShanes on n main tonight

Donna Mead

Read my last Captcha! Whew GO PC!

Evelyn Winick

Cast my last votes.... Good luck PC!!!!

Ness English

wifey and I have done our part-lets go PC!

Sue Bluttman

Please let us know the winner as soon as you hear it!

James Black

Voted for the Last Time.....yay!

Judy Fisher

Voted for the last day! Fingers crossed!!!

Carl Verrastro

Voted 2X for the final time at 7:43 am Good Luck!

Joyce Rytelewski

see everyone at McShanes on Thur July31 at 8.30pm for the big drawing

Joyce Rytelewski

voted 1 more day left so lets go out with a bang get everyone you know to vote

Paula Rollins

Why no vote count? It says all ???????

Joyce Rytelewski

voted today we can do this get all your friends and family to vote the next 2 days we can show them we still have heart in us

Ness English

Wifey and I voted...keep it going!

Julie Vita

I can't see the vote count but I'll keep voting.

Evelyn Winick

Carl... I think we vote until July 31.

Carl Verrastro

Voted! 2X @ 8:29 am Is Friday the LAST day of voting? or does the voting aspect of the contest End on the 30th?

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$10,000 RAFFLE

Tickets are available for a $10,000 raffle. Only 300 tickets will be sold. Any tickets purchased by 6/15/14 will be entered into a special early bird raffle for an additional $500 prize potential. All proceeds will benefit the Port Chester Dog Park. Raffle drawing will be at 8:30pm on 7/31/14 at McShane's Bar and Restaurant in Port Chester. Ticket holders do not need to be present to win. For more information or to purchase tickets, email

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