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Vacaville, CA

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Welcome to Bark for Your Park 2015

Vote daily and your community could win $100,000 to build a PetSafe dog park!

Community Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 13th-June 10th. Finalists Announced: June 17th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Help Vacaville win $100,000 to build a new dog park! Park land in Centennial Park has already been allocated for the project. Encourage your friends, families and fellow dog lovers to vote for Vacaville!

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Welcome to your community page!

The contest is off to an amazing start with over 300 communities nominated in the first 24 hours! This community page will serve as your contest hub for voting, photos, events and even important notifications from the PetSafe team. We'll constantly be working on the site throughout the contest to make sure it's a smooth nominating and voting process for you. Also, please note that the vote counter can take anywhere from 5-15 min to update depending on site traffic, which is why you may not always see the vote counter increase each time you vote. Don’t worry, it will but may just take a few minutes. Thanks for participating and best of luck to your community!

Posted by PetSafe | 14 May, 2015
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All of you dog lovers are so awesome! Thank you for all your hard work and loving our furry friends. Keep voting👍🏼

cynthia schallock

I can't seem to 'vote'. Just keep getting back to this Home Page. So discouraged!

Hew Hesterman

Please extend your special thanks to Community Services Commissioner, Jennifer Goode for moving forward with community outreach and organization of our fledgling Dog Park committee. Also, thanks to "Visit Vacaville" for funding the food & drink for our work party, and to Recology for donating the 20 yard dumpster. Wow! We almost filled it up!

Victoria Lillard

Final day for voting!! Maybe the votes didn't come in to win the $100,000.00 grand prize, but the heart of Vacaville - I wouldn't trade that for all the votes in the world. It's wonderful that the community has come together and the volunteers that worked so hard last Saturday to make this dream come true is awesome! I was out of town, but the next clean up day, my family and I will be there! Thank you Mr Hesterman for making this possible - we will have lots of happy dogs and happy pet parents!! :-)

Linda Ryder

Yes it is impossible to get from my computer and several times have failed from my phone, so would have been many more by the sound of it

Marion Elkins

Why is this so hard? I have tried to. Ore from my phone, but cannot get past all the verifications and copy & paste this ridiculously long code! Really? It's not the White House. So , I can't support my city because I cannot copy the code. Thanks , how ridiculous.

Hew Hesterman

Thank you to everyone who helped at the site cleanup party on Saturday morning! We accomplished a LOT, and I enjoyed meeting you all, and working with you! It was a great event! Be sure to visit "vacavillebarks.com" to keep up with current plans and the next steps we need to take to get our new dog park completed!

Victoria Lillard

Come on, one and all!! Have a heart, vote to get our park! :-)

Michele Kish

Vacaville is a great city, this would be a very welcome addition. We love our parks and our pets!

Lori Hite

If it was up to me Vacaville would have a dog park in every neighborhood! everyone vote!!

Teri Johnson

Please remember to cart your two votes DAILY!

Linda Bleamel

Come on you can vote even if you don't have a dog!

Jenny DeClue

Voted!!! Now time to vote on fb!!! :)

Victoria Lillard

Vote! Bark! Vote! Bark! Vote Bark!!!!!! BARK!!!!!!!!!! Have a heart, we need this park!!!!!!!!! :-):-)

Victoria Lillard

Let's Go! Our fur-babies need us to bark, to howl, do what it takes to give them a park!! Less than a few seconds twice a day and we can be the 'voice' our animals need. Please vote!!

Jennifer Goode

Final push during this blind voting period - Keep voting!

Lorinda Childs

Please share and vote. Truly, it only takes a minute and would be such an amazing resource in our community for furry friends and their families.

Hew Hesterman

The Howl at the Moon phase has begun! No longer can we watch the votes roll in, but we still need everyone to vote twice per day; once at the web page, and once on Facebook! And, come help us prep the new dog park site on Saturday! We'll be starting at Centennial Park at 8:00 AM and working until lunch time (BBQ hamburgers will be provided...mmmm)!

Victoria Lillard

For all of us who have 'barked' it's been a great start, let's keep it going so our dogs can have their park!! Thanks to all who have voted thus far!!! Vacaville has the biggest 'heart' of them all :-)

steve nyser

It would be great for Vacaville to have a dog park Sammy, Chip and Luna would love it

Jennifer Goode

Tell all your friends to vote! Spread the word - let's break 10,000 today!

Helen Smart

I voted for our dog park today.

Becky Flores

We want our dogs to have a nice dog park to meet other dogs and play . PLEASE VOTE AND HELP US GET THERE.....!!!!!!

Kay Locatelli

We don't have a dog now so I love to go to Dog Parks to get my doggy fix.

Victoria Lillard

Please vote - Lisa's idea of flyers is great; just wish we put those out when this contest first started. In the meantime, we'll all just keep barking for our park!!! :-)

Lisa Edwards

Seriously? Maybe those of us voting should print out some flyers and put them on people's cars? I can't think of anything else. We have 90,000 plus people on the community.

Hew Hesterman

Let's show some heart Vacaville! Come on out and help clean the site for our new dog park on Saturday morning (7-18-15). We'll move boulders, scrape weeds, pick up debris, and remove the old soccer fences. The fun (AKA work) starts at 8 AM and ends at noon. Bring your gloves and boots, rakes and wheelbarrows if you have them. We're providing drinks and a BBQ lunch at the end!

Crystal Carr

Voted going. Facebook and I'll vote again tomorrow. I can't wait

Jenny DeClue

Just voted!!! Now I'm voting on Facebook!!! Let's win this for our fur babies!!!

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Bark for your Park Meet and Greet at lagoon valley dog park!
Come and represent our city and show your support for a NEW dog park in Vacaville. Bring your dogs of ALL shapes, colors and sizes to run, play and take pictures supporting our efforts. You can get all the information you need including seeing the plan for the space and fliers to take and hand out if you would like to. Invite all your friends and family! The more support we have, the better chance we have to win! We can meet outside the dog park gates in the parking lot at 9 am. Who knows, maybe there will be doughnuts ;)

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