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Now is your chance to help Fort Lauderdale and Victoria Park build a new dog park in our neighborhood. We are participating in this contest that could bring a $100,000 prize to the city and the neighborhood for our dog park plan. Vote now, vote daily.

is competing to win a dog park!

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PetSafe is here to help you along! We've created a visual process for your city to follow. As you reach each milestone and upload the required information, that icon will be brought to full color. You can click through the milestones to see what is needed to activate it. We've even provided you some templates to assist you in the process. Scroll down to see what your community has already uploaded.

Here's how the contest works


Vote For your City:

What: Get friends, family members, community leaders, and everyone in your city to visit us online and vote for a dog park. Remember, your may vote twice a day; once here and once on our facebook page.

When: Stage 1 – May 1 to May 31 before 5pm Eastern. Stage 2 – June 5 to July 26 before midnight.

Land Verification

Land Verification:

What: In order to qualify to win a park, your city must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Community Support:

What: PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Media Coverage:

What: This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!

When: Spans the entire contest

Video Invitation:

What: If you're been selected as one of our 15 finalists, you'll be invited to make a .30 video ad to show the world why your city deserves to win a dog park! Watch our video for tips to help you.

When: Due June 26th by 5pm Eastern

  • Marty Godwin 06/07/2014 Ft. Lauderdale has so many great parks. People with dogs should have some too! I also think it would be a positive social addition to our city
  • Marty Kainec 06/02/2014
  • Isabelle Turner 06/02/2014 Holiday Park is a great place for a dog park!!! A lot of open land and many dog lovers in the area.
  • Trevor Lavelle 05/31/2014 No better place than Holiday Park/Victoria Park for the dog park! Vote now
  • Bobbi Rubenzahl 05/30/2014 Where are all the dog lovers in Fort Lauderdale and why aren't they voting?? This would be a wonderful addition to our community.
  • Sidney Keithley 05/29/2014 Holiday Park area is a great location for a dog park. Us dog lovers have nowhere close to take our four-legged family members for dog socializing and exercising.
  • Alan Jacoby 05/29/2014 DON'T FORGET TO VOTE EVERY DAY!
  • Susyn Stecchi 05/28/2014 Holiday Park (Victoria Park) is definitely a good spot for a city park. Not only is the neighborhood surrounded by households with lots of dogs, but the nearby neighborhoods are dog lovers, too, and all are sorely in need of a real dog park with fencing and water, etc.
  • Sandy Doyle 05/28/2014 Grrrrreat Idea!
  • Raymond Dettmann 05/28/2014 Holiday Park would be a great location it's needed with all the new apartments being build will bring more pets, this is a great way to get people outside meeting their neighbors building a great and healthy community
  • Jodi Tanner 05/28/2014 Love, Love, Love this and so will our furry family members ! Please get the vote out and share with all your friends :)
  • Marcella MonBon 05/28/2014 A dog park is needed in the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, there are so many communities that have pups! It would be great to have a park that is more than just a big field for our dogs to play in. Definitely a water area would be welcomed in the Florida heat. The one place we have is just a empty field with no shade most of the year it is unbearable for the dogs.
  • Rucy Jason 05/28/2014 We really need a dog park in the Victoria Park area, a good one - with water facilities - since it's so hot here! Also, our Ft. Lauderdale Dog Beach - is tiny - with great hourly restrictions and difficult parking! We really need a good dog park in Victoria Park/Holiday Park area.
  • Alan Jacoby 05/27/2014 Do you know that you can vote once every day!
  • Jacquie Marshall 05/27/2014 Thanks for all the votes so far......go Hollie Park (aka Holiday Park) as a beautiful and fun place for our doggies!!!!!
  • Eugenia Ellis 05/27/2014 Take a minute and vote for Fort Lauderdale. No matter where in the city the park is located - it will bring many residents together with their pet!
  • Sandy Rupp 05/25/2014 This park is so long overdue. Broward County policies toward dog areas is so outdated and totally out of step with most other metropolitan areas on the East Coast.
  • madelene klein 05/24/2014 Even though VPCA is taking the lead on this project, this will be a dog park in Holiday Park, which can be enjoyed by everyone in Ft. Lauderdale! We all need to work together and spread the word to get those votes in!
  • Bruce Borger 05/24/2014 When I walk my dogs in Victoria Park, it seems everyone has a dog (or two). A dog park for the neighborhood seems like a logical next step. Our dogs are our children, and as such, enjoy playing with each other. A dog park would satisfy that need.
  • Melissa-Angel Carbonell 05/24/2014 Mel Carbonell just voted!!! We have 184 votes and about 184k people in Fort Lauderdale COME ON!!!!!! Please Vote and Share!!!!
  • Josh Meneses 05/22/2014 Wilton's Manor Doggie Daycare, Resort & Spa in Wilton Manors just voted, woof!
  • Theresa Hayes 05/22/2014 Not only is Victoria Park one of the most walkable communities in Florida, it is also a great place for one to walk their dogs. A dog park would add to the wonderful mix for dogs and humans.
  • Bob Cauley 05/22/2014 Fort Lauderdale loves its dogs and is in great need for a dog park. Please help us.
  • Damon Pointer 05/22/2014 Victoria Park is a dog loving community. We need a great park for our doggie pals!
  • David Rieth 05/22/2014 Let's spread the word. Email this to everyone you know in the area. I Just emailed to about 20 people. Let's win this thing!
  • Judy Czerenda 05/22/2014 A great park for a great community!
  • Lisa Althaus 05/22/2014 Yay! Dog park in Vicki Park!
  • James Holloway 05/22/2014 I voted we need a Dog Park in Holiday park!
  • Rene' Kendrick 05/22/2014
  • Sue Hansen 05/21/2014 APR is proud to vote for Fort Lauderdale VPCA dog park!!
  • madelene klein 05/21/2014 Voting for the Ft. Lauderdale dog park in Holiday Park!
  • strat stepan 05/21/2014 voting for the Victoria park in Holiday park
  • Larry Wallenstein 05/21/2014 Vote Ft. Lauderdale and help Victoria Park get its dog park.
  • Gayle Eaton 05/21/2014 Voting for the Victoria Park Dog Park in Holiday Park
  • Scott Gronsbell 05/20/2014 Voting for the Victoria Park Dog Park in Holiday Park
  • Jacquie Marshall 05/18/2014 I am voting for Fort Lauderdale Florida - specifically the Victoria Park Community to be placed in Holiday Park
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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Jackson says, please vote!We'd love a park near downtown, city dogs need exercise too!
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