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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Hi we are HANZ owners. Please support HANZ in the journey to win a dog park for all the doggies in East Hartford CT.

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Milly RJ

Love you Baby Hanz♥♥♥

Carol Long

we need a dog park i'm tired of going to other towns to take my dog

Shardae Holmes

Lets go East Hartford....Hanz ;-)😀😀🐶

Timothy-Maryann Guerra

Gracia!!!! Thank You for the votes...we have two days left to get your votes in East Hartford!!

Kyle McAdams

Very KOOL WE R IN DA DARK! I Voted for all my Dogz yoooooo....

Sarah Mirk

I voted Sweet HANZ. That new link app is so much better to vote on. THANKS

Avy Wong

I love that East Hartford Won The Old Dog New Tricks Dog Tag Award. Congrats to US!

Lila Gomez

Congratulations on winning a Doggy Suplerative Prize... Go East Hartford CT!!

Ava Hill

20,438 lets go East Hartford. We have to vote for our dogs!! Here is the link to Bark for your park East Hartford, CT Facebook page :)

Gina Givenchy

I know my dog would have so much fun in a dog park. Right now we are in a building and baby is always on a leash. So it would be nice to let her run free.

Paula Green

Get your sniff out 7 votes today! I got mine!

Amy Beauchemin

Hey everyone the directions to vote are on the Bark for your park East Hartford CT page. They are very easy to follow. 18,862

Lila Gomez

I voted for your HANZ. I don't need a dog toy since I don't have a dog yet. But when I get one he will be just like you. Woof HANZ!

Dave Bird

Hey I will be at the Wickham Memorial Library for the sniff our so if you need help to vote come on down or contact Bark for Your Park or HANZ facebook page they message you back right away and give you step by step directions to vote. Sniff our flyers have been passed out everywhere. So lets get those votes everyone.

Kim Mansfield

I am so happy to see East Hartford Voting. I know it's becuase of the commercial on channel 5. Thank You

Karen Bernard

I love that the Mayor is finally involved with this competition. Hopefully she can give us new life. HELP HANZ MARCIA!!

David Macorte

Marcia...You have my vote too. This is a great thing your trying to do as well.

Peggy White

What a wonderful addition to East Hartford CT a dog park would be. I am so happy to see that our Mayor is involved. She has secured my vote for her next term of office.

Sarah Mirk

Can someone please post where the locations of the dog park will be?

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Community events

Flyer Day

Please Join us on Saturday May 27th at 10 am at Dairy Queen on Main St in East Hartford CT. We will be handing out flyers and helping people sign up to vote for East Hartford CT. HANZ will be there so come join the fun.

Filming East Hartford CT Commercial

Hey everyone from 3pm to 6pm we are filming our petsafe commercial. It will be at Riverfront Dog Park on Wells Road in Glastonbury CT. Please wear Blue, Green and White. Bring a camera a picnic snack and your dogs. All are welcome.


If anyone would like a Bark for your park Lawn sign please message us. We have a few left and would like to get them up around town in places where they won't be thrown away. E-mail us at and don't forget to vote everyday twice a day on and on facebook/petsafebrand. WOOF!!

Commercial Filming

We will be filming around East Hartford For 1 week. We have a lot of footage but we are looking for more doggy footage in our town. Keep an eye out for us. WOOF!!!

Interview with Mayor Of East Hartford CT

Today HANZ will be interviewed by the Mayor Of East Hartford CT on her weekly public access show. We will notify all of you when it will air. Keep voting.

Where to find all your pet safe information for East Hartford CT.

Any one can easily access all pet safe information about East Hartford on Facebook/Bark For Your Park East Hartford CT, Facebook/HANZ, Facebook/NENA and HANZ event on his page. GOOGLE HANZ EAST HARTFORD CT and all the pet safe information will come right up. Thanks to everyone and keep voting

East Hartford is the Winner of the Pet safe Old Dog New Tricks Award

East Hartford Won a Prize from Petsafe...We Won The Old Dog New Tricks Award. Woof East Hartford CT!! THANK YOU PETSAFE!! All certificates will be donated to Protectors of Animals of East Hartford CT. Old Dog, New Trick Winner: Five $100 coupons for PetSafe® pet training products on – East Hartford, CT

Community photos


park location

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community documents

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Land Specs

Information about the land we’ve chosen.

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Support Letter

Information about the land we’ve chosen.

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Media Coverage

Pick up the Reminder News on 06-19-2014

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Media Coverage

Bark For Your Park Reminder News May 29, 2014

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