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Watkinsville, GA

Current Vote Count 4,227
Welcome to Bark for Your Park 2015

Vote daily and your community could win $100,000 to build a PetSafe dog park!

Community Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 13th-June 10th. Finalists Announced: June 17th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Thank you for voting for Oconee County Parks & Recreation Department! We are excited to participate in this contest and with your help we will win $100,000 for our Bark Park at Oconee Veterans Park!

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Welcome to your community page!

The contest is off to an amazing start with over 300 communities nominated in the first 24 hours! This community page will serve as your contest hub for voting, photos, events and even important notifications from the PetSafe team. We'll constantly be working on the site throughout the contest to make sure it's a smooth nominating and voting process for you. Also, please note that the vote counter can take anywhere from 5-15 min to update depending on site traffic, which is why you may not always see the vote counter increase each time you vote. Don’t worry, it will but may just take a few minutes. Thanks for participating and best of luck to your community!

Posted by PetSafe | 14 May, 2015
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Kim Wortham

Just made that vote count 4015, we need this OCONEE !!!

Shannon Baker

In honor of all the dogs we lost (see below) including my beloved Pedro - I would love (if we win or not) to have a memorial of some type at our dog park - like buy a wood or metal bone with your dogs name to help support dog upkeep while honoring a loved pet!

Dan Matthews

In the honor and recent memory of Josephine Thumpasaurus Mamadawg Matthews, I urge you to vote for Watkinsville

Alicia Carnes

So glad Watkinsville is in 1st place!!!!!!!

Megan Turner

We have done well with holding our place. "That Town" in Iowa is at 2500 and some change. Let's keep going strong and not them get back in first again!

Bonnie Harris

Get everyone in your household to vote!

James Turner

Can we make it to 3000 today?!?!? That's a hefty goal- but I think we could do it

Dan Matthews

2140 baby - let's get it to 2,300 by the end of the Golden State sweep this evening. I used to work across the street at Herman C. in open gym back in the 90's. Holla if you played there

David Gaines

Please vote for Watkinsville to win this dog park!! I'm counting on you!

DeeDee Gaines

Let's reach the 2000 vote mark this holiday weekend! Please vote for Watkinsville, GA. Yes, we are located in Oconee County, GA, which was voted the best county in the state to live! This win would make it even better for our 4 legged family members!!

Chris Sullens

Watkinsville is a great dog community and we could use a Petsafebrand dog park.

Georgina Echols

The best county in Georgia needs an awesome dog park!!!

Megan Turner

Got all my 14 votes in today! Now if could figure out how to vote via FB I would have 28.

Gary Rollie

Voted Best County in Georgia, all we need is Amazing Dog Park!!!!!!

James Smith

I don't live in Oconee County. I live in the real OC. However, I vote often for Watkinsville anyway.

Dan Matthews

Watkinsville and especially Oconee Veterans Park needs a better dog park. I once nominated the park across the street for a basketball court from Sprite and they won, so let history repeat itself.

Megan Turner

PARMA. OH has 409 votes- Now I know that this doesn't seem like a threat right now- but we CANNOT slack one bit!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

Linda Jones

I wonder where folks are at. Come on guys vote vote and vote pets need a place to play too where they can run free. Let's do this folks

Mike Huff

Sheriffs office can get 5 or 600 likes on one FB post in a day we should be getting that many votes or more. Share the links from Scott Berry and get the word out so we can win this thing!

Megan Turn

I do believe we will have over 1000 today- KEEP VOTING!!

Knox G

We hit 500! Vote with every email account in your household for Watkinsville, GA to win this contest! Happy dogs, happy life in the OC!

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