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Watkinsville, GA

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Welcome to Bark for Your Park 2015

Vote daily and your community could win $100,000 to build a PetSafe dog park!

Community Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 13th-June 10th. Finalists Announced: June 17th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Thank you for voting for Oconee County Parks & Recreation Department! We are excited to participate in this contest and with your help we will win $100,000 for our Bark Park at Oconee Veterans Park!

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Messages From PetSafe

Welcome to your community page!

The contest is off to an amazing start with over 300 communities nominated in the first 24 hours! This community page will serve as your contest hub for voting, photos, events and even important notifications from the PetSafe team. We'll constantly be working on the site throughout the contest to make sure it's a smooth nominating and voting process for you. Also, please note that the vote counter can take anywhere from 5-15 min to update depending on site traffic, which is why you may not always see the vote counter increase each time you vote. Don’t worry, it will but may just take a few minutes. Thanks for participating and best of luck to your community!

Posted by PetSafe | 14 May, 2015
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So, what's the result?

Linda Still

Did not give a vote count...GO Watkinsville!!

Kitty Paten

Just keep voting,voting...just keep voting! Go Team Watkinsville!

Charlie Broussard



I live in Athens but I've voted twice everyday that I remembered to do so. That was most of them!! Good luck to Watkinsville.

Martha Ashworth

Don't know how many votes we have, but just keep voting tomorrow is last day!!

Christy Huntington


Scott Berry

2 days left!!!! Don't forget to VOTE

Judy Talton

I voted. Hope everyone will VOTE for Watkinsville, Georgia. Don't have to live there!

Susan Hamby

Telling others to vote for Watkinsville!

Jennifer Shea

What Don said below - Keep on voting and "hound" your friends and family to do same! Go Watkinsville!

Christy Huntington

Voting everyday !!!! πŸΆπŸΆβœ…βœ…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Nellie Gates

Dogs need to have fun! They are Man's Bestfriend after all!

Zoodle Poodle

Other cities were slowly catching up to us before the votes went dark. Keep voting so they don't beat us now!

Dave Walton

Only six days remaining. Don't let the lack of a revised vote count keep you from voting. I am afraid that technique may have discouraged some and made others think it was over. The voting needs to continue!

Chris Miller Williams

Can't see the vote total...haven't been able to for several days but am voting anyway..

Karen Moss

I have tried and tried to vote. I get to the I'm not a robot part and answer correctly and then it kicks me right back t the Sam thing without voting.

Dave Walton

Now we don't know the actual count since we are voting "in the dark". Even more reason to keep pushing for everyone to make that effort to vote twice every day until July 22nd.

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Land Verification

In order to qualify to win a park, your community must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!
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Civic Support

PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.
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Media Coverage

This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!
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The fun doesn’t have to stop at the park.

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