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Hub City Humane Society is located on 70 acres in Hattiesburg, MS. We have a large space of land that we are wanting to convert to a dog park! A park is greatly needed in our area and we would love to provide the space for it!!

-Lickety Stik Gel 2013

Park Timeline

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You have won funds from PetSafe® to build a dog park in your community. What’s next?

Your community is responsible for completing the proper paperwork and receiving the correct permits to begin construction.

Excavation and water line construction will fill a large part of your park timeline. These projects are time consuming but necessary for park completion.

Fun details like landscaping, fencing and water features are the next step in a finished park. When completed, zoning reviews are the final step.

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d tat

vote early and often!

Sara Sealy

FB friends & dog lovers, please vote!

Andrew Breland


Kymberly Holy

Please keep voting. Our Hattiesburg pets are so deserving of this. Never give up!

Michelle Zeeman

Charlie and Duffie are barkin' for the park!!! See you this winter!

Carolyn Moser

Putting Walking in the Search box brought up the article and after much frustrating searching the answer is 55%. Got the 7 votes!

Sarah Douglas

Petsafe was having issues with the site earlier today, but everything is working now!! Please continue to vote!! We're almost to the finish line!!!

Kymberly Holy

Finally!!! Persistence paid off. I don't mind working a little for 7 more votes towards a much needed dog park in Hattiesburg.

here is the link to the page. question should pop up now!

Rachel Mann

Try "Walking" in the search bar on the Petsafe homepage then click the article. The question popped up for me like this but didn't when I located it from the blog page.

Kymberly Holy

I found the corresponding page on paw prints blog but a question NEVER popped up. I spent at least a half hour at this with no success. It shouldn't be this difficult. I just ended up casting my regular vote. Frustrated!!!!

Nicole McRaney

PetSafe Paw Print Blog Walking your dog is a great way to prepare him for getting his paw prints all over his new dog park! Got the clue but cannot find the page! Can anyone help?

d tat

anyone else having trouble logging into this site? Have to change the password each time . . . it cannot seem to remember it between visits . . . .oh, well, probably safer to just let them send me a new one each time anyway!

Libby Williams

Please vote for Hattiesburg, MS! My 4-legged grandson really needs a place to run and play! Mama works long hours so vote for Toby a place to run!!

Chloe Andrees

We made it to 4th place "overall" today! Keep voting twice daily!

Jennifer Riebesel

Ladies, are you all following the "bark for your park, Hattiesburg" Facebook page? I usually do detailed steps with pictures for the Friday sniff out. I also have pics another way to vote on facebook if their major link/app isn't working. Please message the page if you're having trouble and we will do our very best to walk you through the steps.

Terrie Decker

I can't figure out the Friday vote....

Charlotte Dauda

Agree....they make it difficult, especially the Friday xtr 7 votes.....still haven't got those in.

Debbie Kempl

This site is sooooo difficult to maneuver on my mobile...I'm trying to support by voting but I'm giving up for tonight...

S Cornette

@Charlotte...found this on Hub City Humane Society page: At the top of the the categories you will find the Daily Care Tab..go down until you find 'toys' on that and go from there. Sharing their complete post...Here are the steps for the 7 vote sniff out! 1. Log in like normal then click the petsafe logo on the left. 2. The clue Is the "Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer" 3. Hover over the Daily Care tab and come down to "toys" click. 4. Come down page about halfway and find the "Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer". Click. 5. The clue will appear and the answer is "vanilla". Enter the contest to win the prize (if you don't want these prizes, you can always donate them) then click "see my results" 6. Make sure you're voting for Hattiesburg then click "vote now" that's it! Don't forget to vote on facebook today too

Marsha Gilmore

Charlotte, Please see the facebook page, it has pictures and steps to walk you through the sniff out! Search "Bark for your park, Hattiesburg" and like the page.

Charlotte Dauda

Cannot get extra the woof clue....where do you go then. Very confusing

Savannah Beck

Thanks for the tips Kimberly!! I just got us an additional 7 votes!!

Kimberly Gore

No Kymberly, if you already logged in and voted like normal you can STILL get your 7 additional votes. Just go back and log in and click the petsafe logo on the left hand side of the screen then the clue will appear. : ) Then follow the steps to finish the sniff out.

Brenda Sumrall

Voted my extra 7 this morning!!! My entire family will vote today so it really adds up fast!! We are doing great Hattiesburg!!

Kymberly Holy

Do you have to answer the question before you vote to have it count for 7?

Ronny Kimbrough

Just tried the 7-vote thing for the 1st time. It's easy to do. The votes will really add up if everybody does it.

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