Pet Essentials for Downtown Living

Your pet can be the best roommate you’ve ever had. We know there are different challenges for pet owners living in cities, so we’ve put together a guide of amazing products that support downtown dogs, cats, and their people. PetSafe® products can help you:

  • Look forward to morning walks
  • Please your neighbors with less barking
  • Create safe zones in small living spaces
  • Stop cat counter exploring
  • Automatically feed your pet on time

Live in harmony with your furry roommate and best friend. He really is the Best. Roommate. Ever.

Who's walking who? Keep your dog safe by taking control of your walks.
Treat-dispensing toys decrease pet anxiety and boredom.
Stop your dog’s barking when you're away. Your neighbors thank you!
Control odor and stop scooping litter with a self-cleaning litter box.
Give your pet fresh, filtered water in a stylish fountain.
Protect counters, furniture, rooms, garbage cans, and more.
Make sure your pet is fed on time, even if you have to work late.
Stop worrying if your cat's bored when you're away.