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Treat your favorite feline to the purrfect essentials.


Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Enjoy a cleaner home for you & your cat.

Keeping your cat’s litter box fresh and clean throughout the day can be a struggle. Cats are also less likely to use a dirty litter box, leading to accidents and health issues.

The ScoopFree® and Simply Clean® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes do all of the work for you so you can spend more time with your cat and less time scooping. These automatic litter boxes work around the clock to keep waste out of sight while trapping odors so your cat always has a clean bathroom.

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Cat Toys

Keep your cat happy & active.

It's no secret most indoor cats don't get enough exercise. To keep your cat in shape, put your cat's meals in a treat-dispensing toy to make your cat work for every meal. Laser toys give your cat 10-15 minutes of playtime once or several times a day.

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Secure Cat Harness

Play & learn together.

Explore the yard together with the Come With Me Kitty™ Harness. Enjoying exciting new experiences keeps cats physically and mentally sharp. The comfortable harness keeps your cat safe and secure. The flexible bungee leash lets her explore at her own pace.

Looking for even more activities to have fun with your cat? Teach your cat with a clicker and reward her with toys or treats. It's easy to train your cat fun tricks with clicker training!


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Pet Fountains

Keep your cat healthy with fresh, filtered water.

Don't be surprised if your cat darts to the sink at the sound of dripping water. Cats are instinctively attracted to running water because it's cleaner.

Your cat will be naturally drawn to the filtered, flowing water in a cat fountain, encouraging your cat to drink more. Hydrated pets are healthier and less prone to urinary and kidney diseases and other health issues.

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Cat Doors

Give your cat freedom to explore.

  • Let cats access the yard, food, and litter box.
  • Lock the cat door at night for added safety.
  • Give cats a private potty with a cat door to the litter box.
  • Keep pets and kids away from cat food with a cat door in a cabinet.
  • Let your cat in and keep strays out with selective entry doors.
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