Electronic & Magnetic Doors

Give your pet
a key to the house.

Only pets wearing the special key on their collar
can use the door.

Which Pet Door Is Right for You & Your Pet?


Passport® Pet Door

For pets <50 lbs


For pets <100 lbs

Magnetic Cat Door

For pets <15 lbs
Let some pets out
& keep others in
Keep out strays
& wild animals
Fits standard doors
Fits walls & thick doors
Set times when pets
can use the door
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Sample Door Installations

Install a pet door in an exterior door to give your pet access to your yard.

Program Which Pets Come & Go

The easy way to let your pets out

Finally, a customized pet door that lets you decide  which pets can go in and out-- and when! You won’t know how you lived without it.

  • Independence for you and your pet
  • Save effort letting in/out
  • No more planning your schedule around pet potty breaks
  • Never clean up another accident
  • Stops barking, scratching, whining at the door

How Electronic & Magnetic Doors Work

The safest way to give only your pets access

The door reads the unique signal of the key on your pet's collar and triggers the flap to unlock. When the door no longer senses your pet's key, the flap automatically locks back into place. The key is programmed to only let your pets use the door, so other pets or stray animals can’t use the pet door.

  • Give your cat access to the litterbox or your bedroom while keeping the dog out
  • Keep your cat in and let your dog out
  • Let your pets out during the day and keep them in at night
  • Prevent strays or other animals from entering

Differences between Electronic & Magnetic Doors

Find the right selective entry door for your pet

Electronic doors read the unique collar key on your pet's collar. You can program which pets can use the door and also when they can use the door. Electronic doors give you more features for controlling your pet's access. You can even view when your pet used the door each day with the Passport door.

Magnetic doors respond to the magnet in your pet's collar key. Let your small dog outside to use the bathroom, or give your cat exclusive access to her litterbox.

Installing Your Pet Door

5 Easy Steps

Pet doors install in minutes and give you years of peace and convenience. Installing a pet door is easy with a little do-it-yourself knowledge.

  1. Program door to recognize key
  2. Trace the pet door outline using the template
  3. Remove the door from its hinges
  4. Cut the hole in the door
  5. Install the pet door frame and flap

Tools you might need: Jigsaw, Drill, Drill bits, Screwdriver, Tape, Pencil, String, Level

Doors for Multiple Pets

All of your pets can share the same pet door

Our electronic pet doors can be used with dogs and cats of all sizes. With an additional door key for each pet, you can program up to 5 pets for the SmartDoor, up to 20 pets for the Passport Pet Door, and an unlimited number of pets for the Magnetic Cat Door.

Door Sizing Chart

  Electronic SmartDoor Passport Pet Door Magnetic Cat Door
Small For pets up to 15 pounds For pets up to 25 pounds For pets up to 15 pounds (only 1 size available)
Medium N/A For pets up to 50 pounds N/A
Large For pets up to 100 pounds N/A N/A


From Safe Pets & Happy Owners

“This door is sturdy and functions perfectly, locking and unlocking based on my cat's proximity. And it keeps the neighbor's cat out!” ”
- Manda

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