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  • Healthier water for a healthier pet. Clean, filtered water keeps pets hydrated and feeling their best.



Fountains sized for tiny kittens to big packs.

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Filtration Systems

Give your pet clean, filtered water in any dish.

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Replacement Filters

Replace every 2-4 weeks. Subscribe & save with auto-ship!

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Pumps & Accessories

Replacement parts for Drinkwell® fountains.

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Pet Hydration Facts


1 Oz Per Pound

80% of your pet's body is made of water, while humans are only made up of 60% water.

Save Your Water Bill

Cats love drinking from faucets and showers. Running water beats stagnant water.

No More Toilet Breath

Dogs will drink from toilet bowls and puddles if their water bowl is dirty or empty.

Healthier Pets

Filtered water encourages pets to drink more and stay hydrated. Keep your pet feeling his best!


Why Animals Love Running Water

PetSafe® Drinkwell pet fountains keep your pet hydrated with filtered, fresh-tasting water. The free-falling streams of water keep water tasting clean and fresh, encouraging your pet to drink more. The moving water also inhibits bacteria growth, and the fountains are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Veterinarians know the importance of hydration to maintain healthy kidney and urinary tract function. Pets who are prone to urinary infections, crystals, or obstructions need to drink lots of water to prevent health problems.

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Filtration with Activated Carbon

  • Removes bad tastes & odors to keep water tasting fresh
  • Carbon made from organic coconut shells
  • Removes impurities to keep water clean, clear, & fresh
  • Hundreds of pieces of granulated carbon constantly filter water
  • Traps large particles, hair, & debris from water
  • Replaceable filters last 2-4 weeks for great-tasting water
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Drinkwell Awards

Modern Cat Magazine Fave Finds Award 2014

  • Avalon Fountain

Pet Business Industry Recognition Award 2014

  • Avalon and Pagoda Fountains

Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award 2012

  • Zen Fountain

Pet Products News International Editor’s Choice Awards 2011

  • Lotus Fountain

Dog Fancy Editor’s Choice Award 2007

  • Hydro-Go® Pet Canteen

Pet Products News International Editor's Choice Awards 2009

  • 360 Fountain


I got the Drinkwell fountain for my Birman and she absolutely loves it. I had previously tried the cheaper other named fountain and ended up giving it away. Yours is absolutely the best and I am consistently recommending your excellent product to all my friends all over the U.S. that love their furbabies.

- Kathryn H.

Our cats love their fountain and it keeps them off the counters and out of the sinks!

- Michelle M., Indiana

I love my newest Drinkwell Fountain. So does my cat...People think I'm crazy when I tell them my cat has a "water fountain." I think they are crazy for not giving their pet fresh water at all times. Thanks so much for the time and research put into this product.

- Kimbrie N., South Carolina

Our cat loves the Drinkwell! His kidney values have come into the normal range and we are delighted.

- Joyce S., Florida

I own a Drinkwell Pet Fountain and am very, very happy with it. My cats particularly love it because their water is always fresh and clean. The fountain encourages them to drink simply because of the movement of the water.

- Jan H., Alaska

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Outdoor Dog Fountain

With a water capacity of 3.5 gallons, durable plastic bowl, and dual filtration system, the Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain is perfect for outdoor use or multi-dog homes.

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Replacement fountain filters with activated carbon keep your pet’s water tasting fresh by filtering out bad tastes and odors. Pre-filters catch hair and debris, keeping the water clean and prolonging the life of the fountain.

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