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Start enjoying walks again.

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Control Your Dog's Pulling

The Easy Walk Harness gently discourages your dog from pulling on the leash. When your dog pulls, the harness steers your dog to the side and redirects his attention toward you. The harness rests across your dog's chest instead of his throat, so there's no choking or gagging. The Easy Walk Harness is perfect for everything from teaching your dog to heel during daily walks to keeping your dog under control at the vet or dog park.

  • Discourages your dog from pulling on the leash
  • Comfortable & easy to fit
  • 4 adjustment points for maximum comfort & reliable fit
  • Martingale loop in chest piece prevents twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps for easy on and off

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Introducing the Easy Walk Harness

How to Measure Your Dog

Easy Walk Fitting and Use

How to Fit the Easy Walk Harness in Under 2 Minutes

Harness stops pulling, lunging, & jumping when on-leash.
7 color combos available.

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Front-chest leash attachment with unique martingale loop redirects dog’s forward motion and prevents twisting.

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Size Chart
Size Chest (1) Girth (2) Weight
Petite 6" - 7" 12" - 16" Under 10 lbs.
Petite/Small 8" - 9" 13" - 18" 10 - 15 lbs.
Small 8.5" - 11" 15" - 21" 15 - 25 lbs.
Small/Medium 11" - 13" 19" - 26" 20 - 30 lbs.
Medium 12" - 15" 21" - 32" 25 - 50 lbs.
Medium/Large 14" - 18" 24.5" - 34" 40 - 65 lbs.
Large 16" - 21" 27" - 40" 65 - 95 lbs.
  Extra Large
Extra Large 17.5" - 23.5" 32" - 50" 90+ lbs.
Measuring your dog is the most accurate way to determine harness size. Weight ranges are only approximate. If your dog is between two sizes, choose a size up.


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Lead Your Walks, Don't Let Your Dog Lead You.

Phoebe loves her daily walks. She loves to sniff other dogs, mailboxes, bushes, trash cans, and anything else she can get her nose into. She's also pretty stubborn, so she'll pull you over to investigate everything. But when you try to pull her away to keep walking, you have to pull against her whole body weight, and she nearly chokes herself on her collar.

With an Easy Walk Harness, Phoebe's a completely different dog on a walk. When it's time to keep walking, a gentle tug on the leash is enough to pull her away. The harness rests against her chest and controls her torso, so when she pulls, the harness moves her whole body the way you want, instead of just choking her. She still gets to enjoy her walk, and now you don't have to fight her at every step.


Awards & Media Mentions

Pet Business Magazine's featured new product, 2005

Featured by Dr. Marty Becker on Good Morning America, 2008

Best Friends pet magazine featured product, 2011

Featured on FOX & Friends and Good Day Atlanta, 2011

What People Are Saying about Easy Walk

I have a 7 month old German Shepherd who has been in training for 3 months. At my trainers suggestion I bought one of your Gentle Leader Headcollars. He had trouble adjusting to it and we had to forgo using it. I was so pleased when you came out with the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness (I did not want to use a choke or pinch collar.) The very first time using the harness it was like having a new dog ! No pulling, no fighting the harness. He reacts much better to commands and walking him is now a pleasure for us both. Thank you so much for such wonderful products.

- R. Richey

We have a 5 year old female Lab/Whippet cross. Mitzy can run real fast. She has always been hard to take for walks. No matter what type of training collar we used, she would always pull the first 3 or 4 blocks of our walk, then she'd mellow. We stopped at PETCO and on the clerk's suggestion, I bought an Easy Walk Harness. WOW! What a difference. One our next walk, she tugged a bit on the first 1/2 block, but we were able to walk the remaining 4 1/2 blocks with a relaxed leash. Mitzy would stop & sit when I would stop. The 5 blocks on our return home were a breeze. I am real impressed with this leash. Did I mention, I am just about 65 years young.

- E. Baysinger

Thank you! I can now take a nice walk with my 2 year old Lab Mix. Pepper gets so excited when she sees other dogs and people that she would constantly pull. I have tried other methods to prevent her from pulling with minimal luck until the Easy Walk Harness. I cannot believe how quickly it worked. I am spreading the word. Great product!

- Kathy C.

I have recently purchased the Easy Walk Harness for my 6 month old border collie puppy. All I can say is wow! What a difference this harness has made! Before using this harness my puppy would pull on the leash constantly. His previous harness would give him burn marks on his neck and restrict his breathing. We tried several training techniques but nothing seemed to work. We tried the Easy Walk Harness this week and he stopped pulling instantly! And he no longer has any burn marks and is breathing clearly during our walks. The harness is so easy to use! What a fabulous product! It has made such a difference.

- T. Esteban