In-Ground Fence™ Systems

Do-it-yourself fencing

Custom configuration for any of your yard’s unique needs (driveways, gardens, tool sheds, etc.)

Traditional, In-Ground, or Wireless Fence?

  Difficulty Install Time Cost
Wood/Vinyl/Chain Difficult 3 - 5 Days $3,000 - $6,000
In-Ground Medium 1 - 2 Days $165 - $320
Wireless Easy 1 - 2 Hours $220 - $350

Numbers quoted are averages based on fencing 1/2 acre. Prices may vary.

Customized In-Ground

  • Bury wires around your yard
  • Easy DIY weekend project
  • Custom pet area tailored to any yard
  • Keep pets out of garden, pool, etc.

Portable Wireless

  • Easy to set up & adjust without wires
  • 1-4 hour setup — plug, train, & play!
  • Covers circular area up to ¾ acre
  • Portable for vacations & trips

Check out the Pet Fence Planner to see which layout is best for your yard.


Pet Fence Planner

Customized for Your Yard

View sample yard layouts to help you plan your pet's boundaries

With the Single Loop layout, you'll bury one continuous wire around your entire yard. You can also use this layout to keep your dog out of your garden or pool.

Why In-Ground?

4 easy reasons to love In-Ground Fence™ Systems

  1. Fits Your Yard Perfectly. Customize boundaries around driveways, pools, gardens, and more.
  2. Ample Yard Coverage: 5-25 Acres.
  3. Less $$$, Less Fuss. Thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional fence.
  4. No visible changes to your yard. No ugly fence ruining the view.

How It Works

You'll set your pet's boundaries by burying wires in your yard. The transmitter sends radio signals to the receiver collar your pet wears. You'll teach your pet to listen for a warning tone as he nears the boundaries. If your pet tries to leave the yard, he will receive a safe but surprising static correction from the collar, reminding him to stay in the yard.

  • Keep your pet in your yard
  • Prevent digging under and jumping over
  • Customize your pet's boundaries

Install Your Fence in a Weekend

From laying wire under landscaping to crossing your driveway, we'll walk you through common In-Ground Fence installation questions.

  • Skills required: Light yard handiwork, including burying wire, possible wire splicing, surface patching, and basic tool skills
  • Property modification: Minimal (underground wire, patched expansion grooves for driveways)

Contain Multiple Pets with Extra Collars

Add an unlimited number of pets!

No pet gets left inside! Every dog and cat in the family (large or small) can receive signals from the same, single transmitter. Once you purchase an in-ground transmitter, choose from our additional in-ground receiver collars (sized for each dog or cat) and it’s outdoor freedom for every paw in the family.

(Note: in-ground and wireless systems are not compatible. Check each system product page for a list of compatible products.)

What's in the Box

Each system includes everything you need to set up your fence.

  • Transmitter & adapter- plug it in and it sends the radio signal to your pet’s collar
  • Receiver collar & battery- the signal warns your pet where the boundaries are
  • 50 boundary flags to mark the boundary during training
  • 500 feet of boundary wire to cover up to 1/3 acre (purchase more wire for larger areas)
  • Test light tool for testing the system and collar
  • Operating and training guide
  • Other necessary parts (mounting bracket, gel-filled capsules, wire nuts, etc.)

(Note: Some systems will come with additional parts, such as a charger, surge protector, etc.)

Why Charlie the Basset Loves His In-Ground Fence

Josh and Steve tell the story of their dog and how a PetSafe® In-Ground fence solved the challenge of letting him have his freedom outdoors while keeping him safely contained in their yard.

"I would definitely recommend the PetSafe brand. It is so easy to install, and it definitely works. If it could work on my dog, it could work on anybody's dog."


From Safe Pets & Happy Owners

“Amazingly Reliable Fenceless System!”
- Champ & Breeze's Best Friend

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