Give your cat a private bathroom

Litter Box + Cat Door= Private Bathroom

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With your ScoopFree litter box, you don't have to worry about scooping anymore. But every time you walk into the kitchen, you feel the crunch of litter under your feet. And you still catch your dog with his head in the litter box. Keep the box out of sight and out of mind by installing a cat door leading to the litter box.

  • Keep the litter box out of the way yet easy for your cat to access
  • Prevent dogs and kids from "litter raiding"
  • Stop your cat from tracking litter everywhere
  • Quiet, peaceful litter box area prevents house soiling
  • No more waking to your cat scratching to bury waste in the litter box

4 Litter Box Locations for a Fresher Home

Laundry Room/Bathroom

Put the litter box in a room with tile floors for easy cleanup.


Install a cat door in a floor-level cabinet to keep the litter box discreetly hidden but with easy access.


Install a cat door in a hall closet or bedroom closet. Dogs can't raid the box and guests can't smell the litter.


Give your cat access to the litter box on the patio or screened-in porch. Sliding door inserts install easily, with no cutting required.



Basic interior door. Easy to install and use.

  • For pets up to 15 lbs
  • 2-way slide lock: open, closed
  • Fits doors ½-2" thick
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4-way lock for more access options.

  • For pets up to 15 lbs
  • 4-way lock: in, out, open, closed
  • Fits doors 1-2" thick
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Our biggest cat door. Fits large breed & chubby cats.

  • For pets up to 25 lbs
  • 4-way lock: in, out, open, closed
  • Fits doors 1-2" thick
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  • For pets of all sizes
  • Locking, magnetic, & electronic doors
  • Fits doors & walls up to 7"
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Easy DIY Installation

Pet doors are easy to install in almost any door or wall in your home. Installation takes as little as a few hours with some basic tools and DIY skills. Skip the cutting with a sliding door insert that installs easily onto the track of your sliding glass door. Step-by-step manuals and videos walk you through every step and offer helpful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose Which Pets Can Come & Go

Electronic doors let you keep certain pets in while giving others access. Your pet wears a special collar key. When your pet approaches the door, the pet door scans for a key. If the pet has a key, the door opens. Pets without keys can't use the door, and neither can strays or wild animals. You can even program when each pet can go in or out.

  • Let certain animals into a room while keeping others out.
  • Give your dog yard access and keep your cat inside.
  • Let your pets outside during the day and keep them in at night.
  • Keep your small dog out of the litter box room.

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