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woman and dog at the park

Pet parent survey: why pets are the best, and how to show them you care

By Rob Hunter

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a special cat or dog in your life (or both… or a whole pack!) and you’re no stranger to the joy they can provide. We were curious about how people across the country show their pets some love, so we surveyed 2000 pet parents* about how much their pets mean to them, and how they give that love back! Here’s a summary of what we found.

Pets make life better.

While we didn’t need a survey to tell us that pets can improve our lives, it was great to hear from pet parents just how and why pets can provide this gift. We know how comforting it can be when our cats and dogs greet us at the door when we get home. But have you ever told your pet about a particularly troublesome workday? If so, you’re not alone, as 68% of pet parents said they confide in their pets when they’ve had a bad day. And it turns out that our human...

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woman and dog at restaurant

Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Restaurant or Bar Patio

By Hank Champion

Now that the weather is warming up, most of us are ready to get outside and enjoy the longer days and pleasant evenings by gathering with friends over cool refreshments and outdoor meals.

cat and person snuggling

Tips for Planning Dog-Friendly Spring Break Travel

By Rob Hunter

Spring Break is always a blast, but it can be especially fun if your four-legged family members get to tag along! If you’re prepping to pack up the car for a Spring Break road trip, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your pup has as much fun as you do.

cat and person snuggling

What’s Your Pet’s Love Language? A Guide to Understanding and Strengthening Your Bond With Your Pet

By Rob Hunter

Discover the secrets of Pet Love Languages with PetSafe's comprehensive guide. Learn how to identify and speak your pet's love language for a deeper bond. Get the tips and tricks you need to understand and strengthen your relationship with your furry friend.

cat and automatic feeder

Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

By Rob Hunter

A healthy cat is a happy cat! In observance of National Cat Health Month, we're sharing some tips for keeping your feline family members in good health. Whether your buddy is a playful kitten or a seasoned senior cat, here are 10 ways to keep your cat healthy.

10 holiday gift ideas for dogs who have it all

Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for Dogs

By Rob Hunter

Is your dog a 10/10 good boy or girl? Here are our ten favorite dog gifts to make any canine’s holiday merry and bright!

The 9 best cat gifts for your pretty kitty this Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for Cats

By Rob Hunter

Does your best friend have nine lives? Here are our nine favorite cat gifts to make any feline’s holiday merry and bright!