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Pet Travel Tips for Dogs and Cats by Car

By Rob Hunter

Whether you’re taking a vacation or heading home for the holidays, it’s always an added treat to bring your furry family members along for the ride. Traveling with dogs or cats can be challenging at times.

It’s important to be prepared so you and your buddy can enjoy the journey and the destination together. Dogs and cats each have specific needs for pet parents to attend to while traveling, but a few key considerations are important for all pets:

Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle. Even on deceptively cool or cloudy days, the inside of a car can get dangerously hot in just a few minutes. As sunlight passes in through the glass, it warms up the interior and that heat becomes trapped in a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect. Even with windows slightly open, heat can build up quickly in a sunlit vehicle, leading to temperatures that can cause illness, injury...

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The 16 Best Gifts for Dogs and the People Who Love Them

If you or someone you know has a pup in their life, you also know that giving the best dog toys and gifts can be a big hit because it makes them both happy! That’s why we put together this list of dog gifts to help you with your holiday shopping. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect present...

cat and litter box

Top 25 Unique, Awesome & Cool Gifts for Cats and their People

By Hank Champion

If you or someone you know has a cat in their life, you also know there's a lot of personality packed into that loveable ball of fur.

cat and litter box

The Best Places For a Litter Box in Your Home

By Rob Hunter

What does your cat’s litter box have in common with prime real estate property? It’s all about location, location, location!

cat and litter box

The 7 Best Ways to Control Litter Box Odor

By Rob Hunter

Life with a cat means life with a litter box. And life with a litter box can seem like an endless uphill battle to keep your home smelling fresh.

woman and cat and litter box

How Often Should You Fully Change Cat Litter

By Rob Hunter

Keeping a clean litter box is one of the many responsibilities that come with being a cat parent.

woman holds new kitten

New Kitten Checklist: Kitten Supplies and Home Preparation

By Rob Hunter

Adopting a new kitten is a wonderfully rewarding, life-changing event. Bringing a new cat home means bringing home a curious, energetic and affectionate new friend.