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Walking With Your Dog

By Caryl Wolff

February 22nd is Walking the Dog Day. Many people love taking their dogs on adventures near and far, but what are the chances you could be pushing your dog too hard? We're going to be talking about which dogs might be better suited for outdoor adventures, how to best be prepared for taking your dog on outdoor walks, and some warning signs that your dog might be getting too tired.

We're going to start out by talking about what walking is and how to do it safely. We'll be talking about walking only. Running will be in a separate article.

Why is walking good for dogs?

Walking is a good cardiovascular exercise and also keeps the "juices flowing" in your dog's muscles and joints. It provides mental exercise since he smells new smells, hears new sounds, and sees new things.

First, let's define what a walk is: The dictionary defines walking as moving "at a regular pace by...

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Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day

By Justin Young

This February 20th, PetSafe® Brand will join dog and cat lovers everywhere to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day!

Cat Kiss

Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth

By Stacy Hackett

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)? Now is the perfect time to schedule your cat's dental cleaning with your vet. You can also take steps at home to maintain your cat's dental health.

Dog Food

Good Enough to Eat? The Truth About Human Grade Pet Food.

By Charlotte Higgins

Have you ever thought about home cooking for your dog? If you have, you are not alone. More and more, people have decided to make their own pet food. And many more are seriously considering it. Why this new trend? Is it a good idea? Commercial diets are more convenient to use, cheaper, and nutritionally more consistent. So why would anyone want to go through the trouble and expense of cooking for their dog when there are so many commercially prepared foods readily available?


True Love Puppy Treats

By Yera Shah

Looking for the perfect way to make your canine companion feel special this Valentine’s Day? A tasty, homemade treat is a great way to show your dog just how much you care. This recipe for True Love Puppy Treats are delicious and nutritious.

cat health care

9 Ways to Keep Your Cat in Top Health

By Stacy Hackett

Paying close attention to your health helps you find problems before they start. You schedule a regular checkup with your doctor, watch what you eat, and exercise regularly. You also notice if something isn't quite right and follow up with t trip to the doctor. All of these steps contribute to your overall well-being.

pet dental toys and treats

Clearing the Air: Are Dental Treats Enough?

By Amy Shojai

Could your dog's breath melt your glasses? Does your cat's smile look like five miles of bad road? Stinky mouth odor not only interferes with how you interact with your cats and dogs, it points to potentially painful, dangerous pet dental problems. February is National Pet Dental Health Month and a good time to check out your pets' pearly whites.