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cat and person snuggling

What’s Your Pet’s Love Language? A Guide to Understanding and Strengthening Your Bond With Your Pet

By Rob Hunter

The concept of a love language refers to the unique ways that a person or an animal shows that they care for someone else. Love languages are give and take, meaning that they not only include how a pet chooses to show affection, but also how they prefer to receive affection. Learning to read your pet’s love language is the key to building an even stronger bond to last a lifetime.

What are pet love languages?

The five love languages for pets fall under the same general categories as they do for people:

  1. Words of Affirmation: This pet love language refers to how we use our voices and nonverbal signals to express affection.
  2. Quality Time: This pet love language refers to how we choose to spend time together.
  3. Physical Touch: This pet love languages refers to how we use physical contact to bond with our pets.
  4. Acts of Service: This pet love language refers to actions we can take...
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cat and automatic feeder

Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

By Rob Hunter

A healthy cat is a happy cat! In observance of National Cat Health Month, we're sharing some tips for keeping your feline family members in good health. Whether your buddy is a playful kitten or a seasoned senior cat, here are 10 ways to keep your cat healthy.

10 holiday gift ideas for dogs who have it all

Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for Dogs

By Rob Hunter

Is your dog a 10/10 good boy or girl? Here are our ten favorite dog gifts to make any canine’s holiday merry and bright!

The 9 best cat gifts for your pretty kitty this Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for Cats

By Rob Hunter

Does your best friend have nine lives? Here are our nine favorite cat gifts to make any feline’s holiday merry and bright!

dog and ball launcher toy

The Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

By Hank Champion

The holidays aren't just for people – it's a fun time for dogs too, so don't forget to include gifts for your pup as well. We've made it easy to find the best gifts with our top 5 tech gifts for dogs.

cat playing with laser toy

The Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers

By Rob Hunter

A fun way to celebrate the holiday season as a cat lover is to give your kitty plenty of presents. We've created a list of the top 5 tech cat gifts to make it easy to pick the right one and make it the best holiday ever.

cat doing cat stuff

National Cat Day 2022 – When and How to Celebrate

By Hank Champion

Ask any cat lover, and they'll tell you that every day should be a holiday for cats, but in the U.S., National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29.