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cat and litter box

Tips for Keeping Cat Litter From Tracking

By Roslyn McKenna

Some cats are overly enthusiastic about burying their waste. Maybe they're digging to China, or maybe they're digging for buried treasure. Either way, you probably don't love all the litter they kick up, especially when it gets all over your house. Here are some tips to prevent those paws from tracking litter all over your house.

Check the litter box environment.

Some cats dig or scratch more when the litter box is dirty, when they're anxious, or when something has changed. Make sure you replace the litter once a month, or get a self-cleaning litterbox. Reduce stress in your cat's life and introduce change slowly. When trying a new brand of litter, add one cup a day to the old litter, and try to keep the litter box in the same place.

Get a litter box with a hood or a high-sided box.

Hooded boxes keep cats from flinging as much litter out. Or even better, get a box...

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