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10 holiday gift ideas for dogs who have it all

Everyone hopes to be home for the holidays, especially pets. Rich aromas from the kitchen hang in the stair landings. Rosy-cheeked cousins squabble and gobble goodies at the century-old dining room table as dogs lurk beneath, waiting for manna from heaven. Pups plop to sleep in front of the stocking-decked fireplace, chasing rabbits through the snow in their dreams. The cat climbs the Christmas tree. Pets are part of the family, and they deserve their share of holiday cheer.


Most dog parents give their pups holiday presents, and some even extend the gift giving to the pets of friends and family. So, what do you give to a dog who already seems to have it all? PetSafe® has you covered so sad puppy eyes don’t dim bright spirits on Christmas morning. Check out the complete PetSafe® holiday dog gift guide for a whole range of options. These gifts will benefit you, as well. The PetSafe® goal is to empower you to deliver the best possible care to your pet while making your life a little easier in the process.

If a tacky doggie Christmas sweater doesn’t cut it for your cutie, here are some pet holiday gift ideas to make sure your dogs have a cool Yule.

  1. Stay and Play Wireless Fence®. Give your pup the gift of outdoor freedom with this wireless pet containment system. You can install it in two to three hours, and your dog can be trained with his receiver collar in two weeks to stay within the containment area. It’s also portable, so you can bring it along with you to a vacation home or camping spot once warmer weather arrives.
  2. Spray Bark Collar. If your dog tends to bark to a bothersome degree, a spray bark collar could be considered a gift for your neighbors, too. Our unique PetSafe® Spray Bark Collar emits a quick, harmless spray that startles barking dogs into silence. The electronic collar is rechargeable and water resistant and comes with refill cartridges that provide 35 sprays each. The collar’s sensor can distinguish your dog’s bark from other pups, so it won’t be activated by other dogs in the neighborhood or home.
  3. Spray Training Collar. Do your New Year’s resolutions include a commitment to improve your dog’s manners? The PetSafe® Remote Spray Trainer is an alternative dog training method that lets you use spray, tone or vibration to train your dog.
  4. Avoidance and deterrence products. These gift options have immediate practical applications to prevent mischief during the holidays, so maybe an early Christmas present is in order for your pup. Keep your dog away from the Christmas tree, kitchen counters and presents with avoidance systems such as the PetSafe® Indoor Radio Fence® system or ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mats. For smaller, more tactical avoidance needs, consider the Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier. It creates a 5-foot diameter around areas to avoid in the home, or outside. PetSafe® SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent delivers a safe but effective spray to train your dog to avoid areas such as countertops or furniture. Check out other PetSafe® pet deterrent systems to find one that best suits the needs of you, your dog and your family.  
  5. Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy. For a fun diversion, give your pup an interactive Ricochet. The PetSafe® Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy is a two-piece, innovative pet toy that will keep your pup entertained and active for hours. The toy encourages extended playtime. When one ball activates, the other squeaks, and dogs run to that one. Then the other squeaks ... and it goes on and on for hours of holiday cheer.
  6. Automatic Ball Launcher. Speaking of fun, what does every dog really, really, really want for Christmas? No, not a BB gun, because he might shoot his eye out. Give him a PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher for hours of exercise and enjoyment. The ball launcher is a great option for a holiday gift that will give dogs a fun indoor or outdoor workout all year long. The water-resistant launcher hurls tennis balls between 8 and 30 feet and can hold three balls at a time. Enjoy endless games of fetch!
  7. Pet steps. Sometimes dogs need a little help reaching their parents. CozyUp™ pet steps are a great way to ensure dogs can engage in holiday cuddle time on furniture and beds with their favorite humans, regardless of size or ability. Options for these durable pet steps range from wood to plastic with a range of sizes for pets big and small.
  8. Smart Feed 2.0. You are busy, especially during the holidays. The digital Smart Feed 2.0 pet feeder provides the peace of mind that you’ve fed your dog the right amount of food at the right time. You can program it via an app on your smartphone. An even more attractive feature for time-strapped pet parents is the option to automatically order more food from Amazon Dash Replenishment Service when the feeder runs low. Meals can be scheduled up to 12 times daily in portions ranging from 1/8 cup to 4 cups. If you want to get your pet off to a healthy head start for 2020, you can help your pet lose weight with better portion control, and a slow-feed option that prevents gobbling.
  9. Extreme-weather pet doors. PetSafe brand pet doors let your pups get out into the world whenever they want and save energy in the process. Even in the dead of winter, extreme-weather doors keep heat in and cold drafts out as your pups come and go. You can give them a new level of freedom without a big spike in your power bill. The three-flap doors come in three sizes so they are compatible with all kinds of canines.
  10. Pet fountains. Dogs need to stay hydrated all year long for maximum health and happiness. Pets need 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day, and it can hard for busy pet parents to ensure their dogs get enough water. Give the gift of hydration with a Drinkwell® pet fountain. Pet fountains filter and circulate water to entice your dogs to drink. They are available in styles and sizes to serve the water needs of a single pet or an entire pack.

If these pet presents don’t meet your needs, there are plenty more options for holiday gifts available at Shop to your heart’s content for your furry bestie, and you can get back to cooking, separate the squabbling cousins and get the cat out of the Christmas tree. On second thought….you might just want to keep shopping. Happy holidays from PetSafe®!

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